Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Miss Independent.....

Isabelle has always been a very independent child.  She learns quickly and has always insisted on doing things herself!  I will never forget her teeny little voice telling me "Me do it, Mama!  Me do it!" when she was 15 months old (and every day since).  Isabelle mastered the remote and TV channels by 20 months old, the toaster by 3 1/2 years old, and the microwave by 6.  

We wish we could keep her this perfect 9 year old forever, but as hard as I try, she keeps growing up and insisting on doing things herself.  So, to keep encouraging her independence, Eric and I are teaching her how to cook.  Just the basics!  We're helping her to learn how to read recipes, measure ingredients, how to pre-heat the oven, and tonight I taught her how to brown ground beef.  We'll have her cooking our meals soon enough... ;o)

As a parent, it's difficult to encourage her independence when wishing she would stay the little bity girl that told me "Me do it, Mama!"  When she was a baby it seemed like everyone told me " goes fast!".... they weren't kidding!  

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