Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family Pictures 2013!

The last time that we had family pictures taken was in 2008.  My kiddo was just 5 years old then... a little bitty thing.  That same photographer took our wedding pictures a year later and I've been so in love with them that I hadn't wanted to get new pictures taken.  But then you know how it goes.... life gets busy, college, career, and graduate school get in the way, and the next thing you know it's 5 years later, you're about to move to a different country, and the only professional pictures you have are from 5 years ago.  
Photography by Jordan Krogman.  All rights to this photo belong to her!

Photography by Jordan Krogman.  All rights to this photo belong to her!

I hadn't put any thought into our pictures until a week or so before Eric came home from Virginia, when all of a sudden I decided that we had to get new pictures taken!  And once I've got something in my head, I obsess over it until I've done it/bought it/accomplished it/eaten it.  {This is just how my brain works, my guy understands enough to just go with it.} 

Eric was only home in Nebraska for 16 days, which meant that we had zero time to situate & organize last minute things and say our good-byes.  Getting our pictures taken really wasn't something that needed to be added to our long list of things to get done (depending on who you asked... me or him).  
Because of the time constraints it was impossible for us to drive to our hometown to have Jordan take new family pictures for us.  Funny how things work though, because about the same time I decided that we had to get new pictures taken I came across one of Eric's best friends' sister-in-law's (following me?) Facebook page who happens to be a photographer in our area!  I emailed her and within an hour had an appointment to get new family pictures taken!  

After lots of time on Pinterest, I thought that pictures with Eric in his uniform would be so perfect!  I mean, how perfect to capture the path that God has chosen for our family, than to get pictures with Eric in his ACU's!  Besides, we have almost no pictures of my guy in his uniform, no professional ones anyway, and I'm so crazy about him in his uniform that if I can freeze that forever, let's do it!  
Since most of our things are on their way to Germany, new professional pictures was going to require a shopping trip so that Isabelle and I would have adorable outfits to coordinate with Eric's uniform.  But it turns out that coordinating adorable outfits with ACU's is impossible!  I decided pretty quickly that we weren't going to find any adorable anything that would "match" Eric's uniform.  {And being adorable is very important!}  So we gave up on matching and Isabelle and I bought what we liked instead.  

It was time to get new pictures taken!  

Kam did a spectacular job!  We were absolutely blown away by her talent!  She was easy to talk to, fun to work with, and very professional.  Here are our new family pictures by Kam Kloth Photography....

I am so in love with this man. 

And then there is this one.... completely took our breath away.

My gorgeous little girl isn't so little anymore...

Isabelle and I came into Eric's life as a packaged deal.  Me and my gorgeous little 3 year old stole his heart and "We are in this together" has been our motto ever since.  Eric and I have been through a lot {I imagine lots of couples have}, but no one knows what Eric and I are going through exactly, or how we are handling it exactly, or how we feel about it exactly... except me and Eric.  When we go to bed at night, we know that there is not another soul on the planet that knows what we are going through, except each other.   And there is a lot of comfort knowing that we are in this together!

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