Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RIP Crockpot...

I need to explain a few things before I formally say good-bye to my crockpot:  I am not the best cook.  If I have a recipe to go off of the food won't be terrible and will suffice if my husband isn't home, but it will only be... just edible.  There are even a few meals that I'm pretty good at!  But then, if I'm left to do the cooking, we eat the same 4 meals in rotation.  
In fact, my inability to cook was one of the first things I told Eric before we started dating seriously.  I felt that he should know that by getting involved with me we'd be eating out.... a lot.  Lucky for Isabelle and I though, my husband is an amazing cook and loves to do it!  It is because of him, my daughter and I stay nourished.  And we have the perfect arrangement:  Eric cooks, I clean.  He hates when I'm in the kitchen when he's cooking, I hate when he cleans it!  When I clean, I know there won't be any germs left.  When he cooks, he knows it'll be edible.  Win, win!

The exception to all of this though, is our crockpot.  Soups, roasts, chicken, anything... it doesn't matter, it all comes out of a crockpot perfectly!  And makes it look like I know what I'm doing in the process! 

Here's another thing:  The electricity is different in Germany.  I Googled why Americans use 110 voltage when it seems that a good majority of the world uses 220 voltage, but then I got confused with the "transmission/three-phase alternating current electrical generation and distribution/larger windings and magnetic core materials in transformer construction" and decided I didn't care that much.   

BUT, it is very important because.... you can't use 110V appliances with 220V plugs-ins.... or you'll fry your appliance.  And the little adapter thingys only work if the appliance is "dual voltage."  

My trusty crockpot wasn't dual voltage, and I had no idea.

I fried my crockpot......

And very literally almost started a fire....

No one else was home but me.  I'm fine, the crockpot isn't.


  1. I'm not quite sure what a crockpot is but it should be similar to this.

    My aunt, who couldn't cook anything edible to save her life, swears by it. And her cooking has actually improved.

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Can u get your hands on a down convertor for your voltage (220 to 110) and then just order a new one. If u are close to a millitary post you kight be able to find both at a yardsale, or check out the classifieds for a millitary post close to u. That is how I fund both pieces.
    Best of luck, I feel for u also had them now in 220 pop in schongarer or elektrischer schmortopf or just plain and simple crock pot