Monday, August 26, 2013

5th Grade, She's On Her Way!

Isabelle is my only child and my miracle.  Isabelle goes everywhere that we go and we are never without her.  But other than a few pictures and her birthday blog post, I leave her off of here.  I don't usually put her in my Facebook profile picture and will only occasionally post the pictures with her in them on my blog.  I am very deliberate about this because Eric and I are extremely protective of her privacy. 

But try as we might to hide this kid from the world, I think that a beauty like her starting the 5th grade is blog-worthy!  

{By the way: These pictures were taken super early this morning and I am just now realizing how blurry (& crappy) some of them are.}

Ooooof course she had to get a picture with her cat, Carley.

Isabelle is now in the 2nd largest DoD (Department of Defense) elementary school in Europe!  Her school is on-post which, to me, means she is safer than any where else.  There are 31 children in her class {I'm not thrilled about that} but her teacher has been teaching for 35 years, 20 of them in Germany, so I'm sure she can handle a big group.  
Isabelle was not nervous whatsoever for her first day at a brand new school in a different country.  She's a cool cat....soooo not like me!

....and it was at about this time that Isabelle was plain over her mother taking pictures, fussing with her hair, giving her kisses, and taking more pictures.  I couldn't help it, it was either do all of that, or bawl my eyes out.  

Alright kiddo, this is it.  You have GOT to stop growing up!  I just can't take it anymore.  You are simultaneously making me and your step-dad prouder than we could ever be and breaking our hearts with the speed at which you are becoming a lady.  And you being almost as tall as us now is just too much!  Quit it, you hear?!

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  1. She's beautiful Melissa! Hope she had a great day! -Lindsay Hovden