Monday, August 25, 2014

Middle School, Baby

I'm just sitting here trying to get over the fact that Eric and I just walked this gorgeous creature into middle school.... and then... left her there, with the big kids.  

Today was Isabelle's very first day of middle school!  She went from being the oldest grade in her elementary school to being the youngest.  Her middle school and the high school are conjoined on one big campus- the middle school is separated into hallways and the high school is in a completely different building, but my baby still has to maneuver the campus with the big kids.

Isabelle picked out this outfit for today- her style is a little more.... girly punk... I guess is the best way to describe it?  She has made it very clear that I am not allowed to buy pink anything and expect her to wear it.  And I'm guessing that summer is officially over here in Germany because it has been in the 50's for two weeks straight now, so Isabelle decided that a long sleeved shirt with little Eiffel Towers on it would be perfect for her first day of school.  She couldn't decide what she wanted to do with her hair.  First she wanted it down & straight, then big & curly, but ultimately deciding to do big & curly in a ponytail.  That's when it hit me.... we've got an actual preteen daughter in our house.

When Eric & I took Isabelle school shopping she just had to have these shoes.  They're kinda cute, I guess... I'd never wear them, but whatever.  Little by little she is asserting her style and her opinion into the dynamics of our family.  We have a feeling that she'll be a force to be reckoned with when she's older, but this is something we're trying to nurture even though we have to remind her that she is just 11- she doesn't like to be reminded of that.  We want her to know that her opinion is valuable, even when it means not agreeing on expensive shoes.

I'm not so sure her school knows what they're dealing with when it comes to this kid.  Isabelle can be a little bit of an airhead, she'll probably need until Christmas to remember her locker combination, and a lot of times her mouth is running faster than her brain.... but, she is absolutely incredible.  And I am sure that all of that will be forgiven when they discover that she is respectful, she will spread her infectious laughter all over her new school, be courteous, be involved, but most of all, she'll be kind.

Maybe it hit me just this morning that I have a preteen, and maybe I'm finding it difficult that Eric and I left her to figure out how to be a 6th grader without us, but Isabelle was ready!  She wasn't nervous about going to a new school, about having a different teacher for each class, or about being in the youngest grade on campus.  She went off to her first day of middle school like she does every situation... with a happy & confident heart, and never looked back.  
She knows what she's doing- I know that, Eric knows that- It just takes seeing her in action to remember that she's got 6th grade in the bag!!!

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