Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SBD Credentials!

I have spent the last 10 weeks reading, studying, and submitting tests for a comprehensive program that included intense and very emotional material, and.... I am DONE!  I did it!  I am now officially a Stillbirthday credentialed birth & bereavement doula!!!!  Not to mention a pretty spectacular Dental Hygienist to boot!  Go Melissa!  Go Melissa!  {Are you dancing with me?}  Go Melissa!

After all of the studying and now having completed the program I have decided that I am going to concentrate on loss-families only.  I think that my quiet and gentle nature would be best serving families that are experiencing a loss in all capacities.  I am just not (and probably never will be) at a place where I can rejoice in happy, healthy, live, take-home baby births, and I feel that for those mothers' sake it's just better that I stick with where my spirit will be of a healing use.  Since I am at the end of my own personal loss path I am hoping that I can be a gentle guide through a loss-family's storm, where my perspective can help make sense of the emotional chaos, and be an example that healing is possible.

I have thoughts in the far back parts of my brain that I'd like to get my master's degree in counseling, but I'm not going to make any decisions about that while living in Germany, so for now I'm going to explore being a doula.  I'm going to try my darndest to be an example of hope and healing for a family who is embarking on one of the toughest journey's of their life, and continue to help bring awareness and compassion into the pregnancy loss community.  Stillbirthday is one of the most embracing, loving, and gentle resources I have ever found on pregnancy loss and I am so honored to have gotten the opportunity to train through them!

If you or someone you know is needing guidance through the loss of a pregnancy or infant please don't hesitate to direct them to me.  If they are open to a helping hand, or needing to vent, or needing to cry, or needing but don't know of what, please know that I am always available for talking/emailing!  Since we are living in Germany I am currently on-call with the KMC military community, but am always open to anyone from anywhere over the phone, Skype, or email!  I've been through what you have and I know the pain you are feeling.  You are not alone!   

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