Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Isabelle!

There was no time to dwell on our loss with the insanely busy week we have had, but Eric & I were thankful for the distraction.  Physically, I may have pushed myself a little too far, but I didn't have time to think about it, and I didn't want to think about it anyway.  Our priorities were to focus on Isabelle and move on with life, and if there is one thing to focus our hearts on something good, it's a birthday!  

When Isabelle was born everyone told me that the years would go fast and that before I knew it she would be all grown up.  That used to irritate me to no end and I didn't believe them.... but they were right.  Sometimes, I have to blink a bunch of really good blinks when Isabelle walks into the room because I swear I still see my itty bitty baby toddling into the room saying "ta-da!" with her arms stretched up in the air and a sparkling light from God trailing behind her. 

Isabelle- 16 months old, 2004.  "Ta-Da!!"

And this sparkling creature just turned 12!

Isabelle decided that she wanted a Paris themed birthday because Paris is her favorite city.  I love that she's able to say that, not just because she's been there, but because she's got so many experiences to compare!  I think that is amazingly priceless.  I go overboard on her birthday every year- I can't help myself and it's never going to change- and my OCD kicked in right after Christmas.  Birthday's are a big deal to me!  Especially, my daughter's birthday!

On her actual birthday Isabelle decided that she wanted a "change" so I took her to a new salon in our area where she got the star treatment and 5 inches cut off of her very long hair!  Then we went out for our traditional birthday boy/girl picks the restaurant of their choice for supper (she chose Macaroni Grill on base) where she got serenaded with 'Happy Birthday' in Italian.  Then cake, ice cream, and presents at home afterwards.  

Thank you, Grandma Mary!  The straightener was exactly what she wanted!  (I tried it and now I want one)

I ordered Isabelle a rainbow cake for her actual birthday and hot chocolate cupcakes for her party.  I chose to order Isabelle's birthday cake from Sweet Creations by Jessica because she generously donates her cupcakes to the KMC Healing Hearts bake sales we have every other month, and that makes my heart so very happy & so very thankful!  

Along with Isabelle's cake, I ordered her a Parisian banner to use as decoration for her birthday party and also for her bedroom after her party was over.  Our house is in desperate need of a decoration & furniture overhaul when we PCS back to the States (but that's another blog post), and I have Pinterest inspired visions of a travel themed bedroom for Isabelle.  This banner from my friend, Heart Felt Germany, will go perfectly with that theme!

For Isabelle's birthday party we took her and a few of her friends to Miramar Indoor Waterpark and then had a sleepover at our house afterwards.  Isabelle was super excited for her birthday party!  Eric, not so much.  The poor guy spends most every day gingerly navigating the trials of raising an outspoken pre-teen daughter, but her party meant multiplying that by five.  His strategy: stay quiet, work behind the scenes (driving, cooking, set-up, & take-down), let mom handle the girls, and Ibuprofen.... lots of Ibuprofen.

A 40 minute drive with this kind of music.

Journey loved the attention!

Eric and I had hoped that an entire afternoon of swimming would wear the girls out, we were wrong.  We endured a long night of make-up, laughing, dancing, giggling, screaming, and a little drama.  After his duties were finished, Eric stayed upstairs in our bedroom for the rest of the night (except that one time at 1:30 a.m when the girls ran up our stairs screaming for the 139th time and he calmly told them to shut it), I poked my head in just enough times to annoy my daughter.  
Journey made for the cutest and best alarm clock this morning- all girls got thoroughly licked and kissed awake- and then we filled the girls' belly's with pancakes for breakfast, but had to shoo them out pretty quickly afterwards so that I could make it to another KMC Healing Hearts bake sale.  Overall, Isabelle had a really great birthday!  She even said that she couldn't have imagined a better way to celebrate!  She is 12 now.... wow, just wow.   

If there is one thing to keep your heart focused on something good after a loss, it's a birthday; a reminder that a true miracle was given to me once before.... and she is all that we need!  Happy Birthday, baby!!!!

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