Wednesday, November 11, 2015

::Martin:: Family

One of the biggest compliments that I have gotten in a very long while is that the Martin family saw the Galey Family pictures that I took a few weeks ago and liked them so much that they asked me to take their pictures!!  ME!

But my first ever photo shoot with a family that I had never met before presented a few challenges for this newbie:

  • They asked to have their pictures taken at the same castle, which was nice because it's beautiful and I'm familiar and comfortable with the area, but challenging because I didn't want to give them identical pictures as the Galey's.  
  • I would be photographing the largest family I have ever taken pictures of!  Including three kiddo's under the age of 5 years old.
  • Natural sunlight makes for beautiful pictures, but there is almost none in Germany this time of year, only crummy, ugly, gray fog.  And after two weeks of waiting for a nice sunny day that would work with everyone's schedule to no avail, we had no choice but to make friends with the stupid fog and just go with it.
  • I get really nervous, really easily.  Especially when the fog doesn't want to be my friend.


For a newbie.... I was sure that I had gotten myself in way over my head.  But when the sweetest family with the cutest kiddo's dressed in the most adorable outfits with the most perfectly perfect names I've ever heard met me in the parking lot, I thought to myself... I got this.

Since the fog was so thick I knew that I was not going to be able to get any of the fall scenery that surrounds Burg Lichtenberg in any of the pictures, but rather I was going to have to focus on just the castle.  Buuut... I was going to have to figure a way to do that so that they didn't come out looking spooky.  
And instead of shooting in manual (which is almost always what I shoot in- vacation, portraits, or otherwise) I shot in shutter setting, and didn't worry so much about the exposure- I figured I'd have to fix that in post-processing anyway because of the way the thick fog and ugly gray skies darkened everything naturally.  I really wanted to make sure that I focused on reducing the amount of blur that little humans create when they are literally in a different spot every time I blink..  

Olive, Plum, & Simon- Ohmigosh, does it get any more adorable than that?!  So cute!

Shutter setting was working well enough that I didn't want to mess with the settings on my camera, and everything else was working out so well that I didn't even change my lens.... which I wish I would have, just so that I had gotten a few different looks...but oh well.  Once I got in a groove I didn't want to do anything to slow it down. 
The fog was extremely frustrating though.  There wasn't anything that I could do about it, no matter how much I was cursing it in my brain, so I just kept trying to be its friend.  It was tough getting dimension in the pictures since the fog was so thick, so I tried to shoot at a little bit of an angle so that my lens wasn't looking straight into the fog.

When you stop everything to tie your shoes and the lady with the camera keeps taking pictures.

Because twirling is pretty much the best thing ever!

Frohe Weihnachten banner by Heart Felt Germany

After all was said and done I feel like the fog added a little somethin' somethin' to the pictures that made them unique.  What do you think?  
But also, these kiddos made taking their pictures so. much. fun!  They are the somethin' special that shined through the stupid fog making their pictures just precious!  The fog may have added a little something different, but these kiddos made them amazing! 

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