Friday, August 2, 2013

Part II: Venice!

Venice Italy is a city that I've always wanted to see but never thought I would.  You know... one of those places that you pin a picture of on Pinterest but know that it will probably never happen, but if you pin it on Pinterest then it's like it's a possibility or something.  I never thought Venice was a possibility.  I could get all sappy right now telling y'all that the opportunity to even be in *Italy* with the two people I love most in this world means more to me than I could ever explain, and that I think that I could never adequately show my gratitude for as long as I live.  But I'm sure y'all don't want to hear that.  So I'll just show you pictures instead.

 Doge's Palace

Bridge Rialto

I got some really great pictures of Isabelle feeding birds in Piazza San Marco, Eric and I drinking wine, and me on a bridge over a canal but those are all going on our Christmas card.  I checked off drinking Italian wine in Italy and a Gondola ride off my bucket-list!  A Gondola ride was on Isabelle's bucket-list too, she was so excited!  An hour long ride that we spent relaxing and seeing the best of Venice. 

I had really hoped to see the Bridge of Sighs while in Venice.  It's mentioned in Rick Steves' 'Best of Europe 2013' book so it was really important to me to see it.  Venice is easy to get lost in though and we had gotten turned around so many times, I also had my face in my camera the entire time and I didn't get to see the Bridge of Sighs.  I was so disappointed!  Until I went through my camera:

I have no idea how I got three amazing pictures taken of it but still missed seeing it.  {Eric just laughed at me}  I guess this is why I take so many pictures.  Anyway.... The Bridge of Sighs connects an interrogation room in the Doge's Palace to the prison across the canal.  The story goes that prisoners would get their last glimpse of Venice walking across that bridge into the prison and then sadly sigh... The Bridge of Sighs.  

We spent two nights in Venice and then went on to Verona.  I wasn't sad to leave though.  I was completely at peace with our time there and left a little piece of my heart.

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  1. Amazing!! It's a dream of me too!Imagine people wake up in the morning and say "omg I miss Gondola for work"! !! Lol !!! No cars...!!! Amazing Venice!!! I hope you enjoy your stay in beautiful Italy!! I found a video about One day in Venice and I posted to my father's blog! It's 3 minutes!! If you want to see it

    Have fun...!!