Monday, August 12, 2013

Part IV: Munich!

During our 6 days in Italy we stayed at a very nice hotel in Vicenza (I had never been so excited about air-conditioning in my entire life).  Vicenza made for the perfect "home-base" being only 36 minutes away from Verona and 60 minutes from Venice.  I really really wanted to like Vicenza because Rick Steves' said to.  
But.  We didn't like it there.  I mean we didn't like it at. all!  I didn't like it so much that I didn't take a single picture of Vicenza.  I didn't take a single picture and I didn't even feel bad about it!  
{Rick: you let me down on this one.  But hey, I will still devour your books and be your biggest fan!  I promise not to let this ruin our relationship.}  

Let's just move on to our trip to Munich...

For the last few days of our vacation we went back up to Germany, to Munich and the Dachau Concentration Camp, before going home.  It was nice to be "home" again in Germany.  Munich is to Eric what Venice is to me.  He was excited!  He was done with his work stuff and we were going to Munich!  To drink BIER!

Even in Germany, drinking liters of beer at 8:00 in the morning will get you a few raised eyebrows, so we spent our morning walking around the Marienplatz, shopping, and then stopped to watch the glockenspiel.   


I took a picture of my girl under the maypole.  I thought about using this one on our Christmas card but I got a nicer one of her in Trier.  Isn't she gorgeous?!

This weekend it was super hot!  It was almost 100° in Italy the entire week we were there and in the upper 80's back in Germany.  Also, sparkling water is the "thing" here and we had mistakenly bought large bottles of sparkling water for our trip.  Have you ever tried sparkling water??  It's terrible!  I refuse to drink it.  Unbelievably hot weather, nothing to drink, and my wearing jeans made for a near-lunatic-frenzy when we happened on one of these...

A COLD clean sink/fountain/water bottle filler!  The word "delightful" always makes me giggle, its such a cute word, isn't it?  It makes me think of a perfect idyllic place in a picture or a painting that doesn't exist in real life but you wish it did.  I've never been able to use the word "delightful" to describe anything, until I saw this fountain.  In my near-lunatic-frenzy I thought this cold water sink/fountain was absolutely delightful!  

By this time Eric and I were ready for bier (beer)!  And the gloriousness of the Hofbräuhaus was calling Eric's name! 
The Hofbräuhaus is the world's most famous beer hall.  A beer palace with no air-conditioning that seats 5,000 lederhosen-wearing beer chuggers.  Or if you ask my husband, heaven.  I had the best beer of my life at the Hofbräuhaus...the Radler!  It's a light beer mixed with lemon soda... slightly sweet and slighty fizzy.....amazing!

With a beer down our hatches we went to the Oktoberfest museum.  The museum was creepy and not much fun, but the beer at the end of the tour made up and for it.

I went to the Oktoberfest Museum for Eric but Eric refused to go to the Micheal Jackson Memorial with me.  I wanted to give my best pouty-face at his refusal but the Radler and my still thinking about the word "delightful" made that impossible.

If moving to Germany meant that we could see the world, we were seeing it!  We let loose in Munich and had a blast!  The very last part of our big vacation was to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, but I feel that deserves its very own blog post.  So keep checking, the very last part of our trip will be posted soon!

And, hey, I feel like I need to mention that yes, I know there are a lot of (parenthesis) throughout all of my posts.  I have a very complex and dynamic inner-monologue that I feel deserves to be incorporated every so often, and this is best done in parenthesis.  If you hadn't noticed before, you will now ;c)  

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