Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paris Part II: Versailles!

Eric had been to Paris in 2006 with his mom and sister and said that he didn't really like France all that much.  I've heard mixed feelings/reviews/experiences from some of the travel pages I keep track of on Facebook about Paris, and one person I talked to felt that it was dirty and not a city she'd want to visit ever again.  So, I tried to keep an open mind, and went with no expectations like I try to do to every new place we visit....

But when I saw my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from the subway on our way to Versailles, I fell completely head-over-heels in LOVE with Paris!  I fell so crazy in love with the city that I'm not sure I can even describe it!  Paris romanced me and stole my heart!
Maybe it was just that the weather was incredible and I couldn't believe how gorgeous the sky looked!  Or maybe it was the energy and style of the people.  Or maybe it was that every single thing my eye saw was art!  Or maybe it was all of that!

I loved loved LOVED Paris!

We spent our entire morning at Versailles.  I had my face in my camera the entire time we were at the palace because it was just so beautiful!  The weather was glorious and I was giddy over how great my pictures were coming out!  I can't wait to show y'all!  So I'll just cut to the chase....

Yes, that is all gold trim you're looking at!  It was majestic!  Incredible!  Since we had already purchased tickets for the palace & gardens we were able to skip one of the ridiculously ginormous lines and instead wait in only one of the ridiculously ginormous lines, but it went quick and I just took pictures of everything while Eric and Isabelle held our spots in line.

We did go inside the palace and photography was even allowed!  But when I saw the gardens through the windows that's where I wanted to be.  The weather was just too amazing to be inside! 

**This is my most favorite picture that I took from the entire weekend.

I could probably have stayed there all day long taking pictures of the palace, gardens, and the sky, but I figured if Versailles was this amazing then the rest of Paris had to be too!  So, we headed into Paris and got off the metro at the Eiffel Tower!

We didn't have tickets for anything so our plan was just to walk around and see what we saw.  Except that I did want to walk down Avenue de Champs-Élysées- the most famous and expensive street in the world (that was on my bucket-list).

We started at the Arc de Triomphe and ended at the Notre Dame cathedral.  First, we stopped for a quick snack & drink at a cute corner-side cafe with the Arc de Triomphe behind us. 

Gosh, he's handsome! 

We walked down the Avenue de Champs-Élysées and along the Seine River.  We weren't in a was the best "stroll" I've ever taken!

The Louvre!

Another thing on my bucket-list, and something I've mentioned in a few posts before this, was that I wanted to leave a love-lock at the Ponts des Arts bridge near the Louvre.  A love-lock is meant to signify your undying love & commitment by locking a padlock on the bridge and then throwing the key into the river below.  
If y'all don't know it by now, I am a hopeless romantic.  I could go on all day about how crazy I am about Eric.  God sure knew what He was doing when creating a husband for me!  So, a love-lock was the perfect way to symbolize our commitment to each other!

Our love-lock is the silver heart.  It has our initials and wedding date engraved on it with our motto "We're in this together."  And then we tossed the key into the Seine River.

So it was by this time that we were getting tired.  We had walked about 8km (5 miles) and we were still tired from Disneyland the day before, aaannd had spent the entire morning walking loops around Versailles.  But we were so close to Notre Dame Cathedral and figured if we could just walk there then we'd call it good for our day in Paris and head back to the hotel.


Exhausted but so very grateful we decided to walk just a little further!  It was difficult to get pictures inside the cathedral because they were having mass, but from these two pictures I hope you can see how breathtaking it is!

That was the end of our day in Paris!  And this was the only day for great weather while we were there.  I am so so happy with how gorgeous the pictures turned out!  I got a great one of me and Eric under the Eiffel Tower, but that's going on our Christmas card.  
It wasn't easy getting me back to the hotel, I pouted at having to leave.  But my kiddo just couldn't walk a step further!  She had been a trooper the entire day and says now that this has been her most favorite place she's visited so far!  Paris definetly put a spell on us!

To be continued....

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