Saturday, June 21, 2014

Father's Day, Battalion Fun, and Sports Balls

It's been pretty quiet around here since our trip to Normandy.  We've stuck close to home because Isabelle was busy dog-sitting our neighbor's dog for a week, and because it's nice to be at home every once in awhile.  We're also preparing for a big trip to Berlin and Denmark where we'll be meeting Eric's best friends from high school and their daughters!  I've been working on booking hotels and tickets to various places we'll be visiting on our 2 week vacation and Eric has been busy with researching the train schedule, and now we're trying to clean and pack.  I'm already excited to tell you all about what is sure to be an amazing time!  Stay tuned for that!

Father's Day was good!  We had a nice relaxing day at home and ordered pizza for dinner.  Eric likes to tell everyone that he is outnumbered by the women in his life since he has two sisters and no brothers, and lives with two feisty gals, and this is something we all should feel sorry for him for.  But, in reality, he is spoiled and adored!  So if he ever tries to get you to feel bad for him... don't!
We didn't do anything in particular for Father's Day, mostly just ran errands and spent time together as a family.  We did get patio furniture!  But that is another blog post all it's own so I'll spare the details here.

Our excited faces after just purchasing super cute patio furniture!
Eric has been in Isabelle's life since she was just 3 years old; He's cleaned up his fair share of puke and just so happens to be the ultimate fever-checker and homework-helper!  He deserved a relaxing Father's Day and a great gift to remind him how much we love him!  But he's impossible to shop for!  He never wants anything and is so no-frills that I've really got to use some creativity to get him a gift that he'll like and use.  This year, Isabelle and I chose to go practical and funny:

If you know my husband, you know he got a kick out of his new coffee cup.

He also got a gift certificate to Jack Wolfskin (the Northface of Germany) and the movie 'Lone Survivor' on blue-ray.  He's excited to go shopping for a vest or maybe a new jacket- it's cute to see him actually want to go shopping.  

This past week we went to the 39th BN Org Day.  We spent the day playing sports (or just watching since no one wants me on their team because I am soooo noooot competitive.  And because I'm spastic when balls are flying at my face ever since I was hit square in the face with a basketball in 7th grade.  You know how boys do something stupid like punch you in the arm and then walk away, and then your friends say that it's because he likes you?  Well this kid chucked a basketball at my face, on purpose, when I wasn't looking, and did some pretty serious damage to my lips.... if he really did like me, that had to be the stupidest way to show me!  7th grade girls aren't that hard to impress.  And it sure didn't feel like he liked me, it felt terrible.  Now thanks to him I have a serious issue with most any type of sports balls.  ...Jerk face...).  Anywho....  It was nice to spend the day with my husband and the people he works with, flying basketballs & volleyballs excluded.

Thankfully, there were other games to play and things to do that didn't involve a sports ball of some kind.  They had a dunk tank!  That was fun!  Especially when Eric's commander was in it, but we just sat back and watched and let the kids dunk the commander (which I didn't get a picture of).

I participated in the spouse's jeopardy game.  The categories were all military related- surprisingly, I knew most of the answers!  But I'm quiet and didn't speak up at all....y'all know how I am.  We did get a few points thanks to my team mate though.

Then there was the chariot race and tug-of-war.

And we wrapped up a low-key couple of weeks with a date night to the Battalion ball!  The ball was held at the Armstrong's Club which is only two blocks from our house.  Isabelle stayed home alone, but was safe knowing that we were a 3 minute walk away, and our neighbor was home in case of an emergency.  Eric and I were able to drink wine and enjoy the night without having to worry about finding a ride home.  We had a great time!

I was rockin' my favorite lipstick: Mac Pure Zen! 

Eric didn't think I should bring my camera to the ball so all we have are cell phone pictures and a couple of selfies.  I recycled a dress that I had worn to a National Guard ball in 2011, it still fit and looked good (maybe a little too much cleavage for my comfort but Eric loved it), but I think it's time I find a new dress.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting up with a few other families for a big brunch at the Officer's Club on Ramstein Airbase after mass.  Even though it's been low-key these last two weeks we've been busy with life and are loving every second of it!  Now it's just back to planning for our big trip next weekend.  I think we've got most everything ready and we're getting excited!  My camera is charged with two empty memory cards just waiting for me to go banana's with picture-taking!  We're looking forward to seeing faces from home as that is always comforting, and getting to see Denmark is just an added bonus!  We'll be gone for 2 weeks so it's gonna be awhile before I can get to blogging, but I'm sure I'll have lots to tell y'all about!

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