Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Hitscherhof Farm

When the husbands are away the wives will..... take the kiddos to a pumpkin farm and do crafts and buy pumpkins and try pumpkin wine and take pictures and eat pumpkin soup and walk through a corn maze!!!

"Farm Shop" 

Isabelle made me a fall decoration with hay.

I hate pumpkin pie, and it's because pumpkin pie is the grossest pie ever that I have refused to eat anything with the word 'pumpkin' in it for most my life.  But my friend, Melissa, promised that I'd like pumpkin soup, and since we're almost identical in everything from what we wear, to what we look like, and even the kind of perfume we wear, I figured I could trust her opinion enough to just try it... she was right, I loved it!!  I know there is no possible way that my cooking skills could replicate this recipe (one area that Melissa and I are not identical), but it was so good and it made me sad that I'd never be able to make it.  
I ordered Isabelle a pumpkin bratwurst and wasn't sure if she'd be as adventurous as me- I wouldn't have blamed her if she didn't like it, there was that pumpkin word in it, ya know- but she loved it!  We were on a roll with all of pumpkin foods so we figured why not buy a bottle of pumpkin wine?!  And that was amazing too!  It's too bad that pumpkin pie doesn't taste anything like pumpkin soup, brats, or wine, it's giving all the other pumpkin foods a bad name.

Isabelle wanted to go into the corn maze with a mission to get as lost as possible (i.e give her mother a panic attack every time she'd turn a corner and I couldn't see her anymore).  Long story short, we made it to the very end of the maze and back, together, and I only had to yell for her once.

I've been looking for a basket that I could put on our stairs because I'm tired of seeing random crap sit on the stairs because no one but me will actually take the random crap up the stairs and put them away, and I found one!  I even got to watch the man make his baskets from scratch!  At least now, if the random crap is in a basket my OCD will calm down a bit, and my husband and daughter don't have to hear me mumble/curse and stomp up the stairs all the time.

Perfect, right?!

Fall is my FAVORITE season, and it is officially fall in Germany!  The colors are stunning right now and the weather is perfect!  When the husbands are away the wives will..... have a blast, gossip, get excited about fall decorations, and even try pumpkin soup!  


  1. hey melissa,
    just wanna ask where do you got isabelles bracelet from?

  2. Hers is a medical alert ID bracelet. You can order it here: