Thursday, January 8, 2015

In a Funk

I am in a funk today and I'm not really sure why.  Do you guys ever have days like that, where you just feel down for no good reason?  I guess today is just one of those days....  

My funk is not because of my son and miscarriages.  I mean, yes, they are always with me, but my life doesn't revolve around that sadness.  Thankfully, life has given me lots of other moments to think about and keep my soul a loving and forward moving being.  I have dedicated a good portion of my life to healing, helping others to heal, and putting a whole lotta compassion into our world, and while I am inspired every day by my losses, not everything I feel is because of my losses.  I just figured that if I'm feeling like I'm in a funk, maybe someone else was in a funk too?  And maybe we could be in funks together?  Even if you're hurting for your losses, or any other reason, and even if we can only be in funks together over the blogging universe, at least we'd be in our funks together.

Sometimes I just need a day to be sad.  I never stay sad for more than that and I always feel a little better, a little stronger afterwards.  These kinds of days don't come often so when they do I never feel guilty about spending it eating as much chocolate as I possibly can, staying in really comfy sweats, and drinking wine....alllllll day long ;o)

Of course I do try to put things into perspective, and not put too much energy into sad feelings (especially when there's no good reason for them).  I have no reasons to be bummed, and there are people going through things that I pray God never puts on my path.  So when I have spent my time wallowing in my funk, ate chocolate and drank wine to my hearts content, then put things into perspective, I always feel better, and am reminded that I am blessed!

Right now though, I am in the stuffing myself silly with chocolate phase...

Once this wine has kicked in, I have a feeling that things will fall into perspective a lot easier.


  1. I get like this as well. Some days are just hard and I always find a good cry makes it at least seem better. I need that good emotional release. Here's a virtual hug. Hope it helps your funk.

  2. Thanks! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets a little down every so often :) And I feel a lot better now!