Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Our Memorial Day weekend has been a low-key weekend, if there ever was one.  Eric and I have been going back and forth about the amount of traveling we've done this year- I think we haven't traveled enough, he says we've traveled a lot.  
We just booked a trip for Christmas break, are still trying to decide where to go for Eric's birthday, and think we might add a new country to our list in August.  Then, Eric reminded me that we've seen Amsterdam, Rome, Lake Lucerne, London, Scotland, and Paris, and we're still in the beginning half of 2015, so maaaybe he's right... we really have seen a lot.  

I hate to admit it, but our trips cost money, and we just can't afford to see every last inch of Europe (so says Isabelle's college savings account, two retirement accounts, and our savings account that take a large chunk of our money every month....damn this whole responsible adult thing, anyway).  Even though I really hate not doing anything and feeling like we've wasted precious time here, we just can't forfeit other responsibilities.  Our bank account demands a low-key weekend every once in a while, and I begrudgingly oblige. 

What do you all do on quiet weekends?  Are you as boring as we are?  I'm betting that that's impossible.  Do you want to know what you'd be doing if you lived in our house during super quiet low-key weekends??  I'll tell you!

It all starts with a Facebook, popcorn, & wine night.  Your husband will fall asleep in his recliner because he's had a long day, giving you free reign over Netflix.... you'll watch three hours of 'Gilmore Girls' and love every second of it.

Then you spend Friday getting your Explorer inspected (you have to do this every other year (or year, depending on how old your vehicle is) in Germany to ensure that it abides by German safety standards).  
It's PCS season right now so most everywhere is busy with people who are in-processing or preparing to move back Stateside.  You'll wait in line for 2 hours just to find out that the first aid kit you are required to have in your vehicle at all times is not an "internationally recognized first aid kit," and therefore is below the German safety standard- even though it is the same exact first aid kit that passed inspection two years ago.  Ugh...whatever.  You buy a new one and pass inspection!

With a newly inspected car you'll then run by the post office, reserve your place on a Christmas trip at the MWR building, get some groceries for the Memorial Day weekend, and take your Journey-baby-lovey-cutie-squishy-boy on a long walk.  
When your preteen daughter goes to a sleepover, you'll first give her a stern lecture about a missing assignment that's been missing for a few weeks now and should've been done and handed in after the first damn time her parents said to hand it in, (never mind that her Science teacher has given her a hundred chances to hand it in before notifying her parents {super mad face}), and tell her no youth center or having friends over until that assignment is handed in!!!  Then tell her that she would not have been allowed to go to a sleepover if you had gotten that email from her Science teacher just 8 minutes earlier, and while at that sleepover she better think about how lucky she is that she's even being let out of the house {another super mad face for good measure}!

The glass of wine you drink at that point will taste amazing.

Saturday morning you'll get woken up at the butt crack of dawn because your daughter forgot to turn off her alarm clock, so you'll drag your tired bones into her room to turn the stupid thing off, crawl back into bed, and sleep for another few hours, but first realize that you might be a teeny bit hungover because two consecutive nights of drinking wine apparently does that to a person (who knew?).

You'll wake up for real a little while later and love the fact that you have no where to go and no where to be!  So you'll get cozy on your couch in yoga pants with a big fat cup of coffee and paint your toenails!

All of Saturday will be a blissful blur of laziness, naps, doggy farts, and eating chocolate because your uterus said to.  You'll have a stack of magazines sitting next to you and a good 10 episodes of 'The Tonight Show' to catch up on.  Your husband will spend the majority of his day in the kitchen making potato salad and beer can chicken- this is his happy place- and while you enjoy your chocolate & Jimmy Fallon, he'll enjoy cooking.  You'll even try to be sneaky and take a picture of Eric in his happy place because you're super obnoxious like that.

After two nights of drinking wine, and a kiddo exhausted from a sleepover, you all will go to bed early and not feel bad about it whatsoever.
With a good lazy day under your belt you'll be ready to make your husband tackle the honey-do list!  Okay, you'll help too.  But first, you'll get your walking shoes on and take Journey-stinky-sweetie-naughty-softy-boy on another long walk.  He'll do the butt-wiggles at the front door and you know that you are making his day!  You'll decide to take your camera just in case there's something to take a picture of, and ignore your husband's eye roll as you walk out the door with it.

You'll come home from your long walk to find that your daughter tripped and hurt her ankle, but no worries because Eric is there to make it better!  There's no bump, scrape, or bang that he can't handle, and when a couple of her best friends call and invite her to a cookout just two blocks from our house, her ankle will be magically fixed.
Since the stinkiest dog in the entire world lives at our house you'll know he is way past due for a bath (or "bathey" as Mama says) and figure after a good long walk he'll maybe be a little less naughty during bathey time than usual.  But you'll be wrong.

To finish up the weekend you'll blog about it and realize just how uninteresting your life really is.....but wouldn't change a single thing- naughty dog, missing homework and all!

Thinking of the fallen soldiers this weekend, and wishing y'all a blessed Memorial Day!


  1. I really enjoying your writing, even when there's nothing to write about. You have a way with words!
    Weiter so. Immer wieder schön :)

    1. Thank you so much, that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my blog!