Sunday, August 28, 2016

Netherlands American Military Cemetery

Even though my husband comes from a teeny tiny chunk of Northeast Nebraska that most everyone on the planet probably don't even know exists, he somehow, knows everyone.  

We run into someone he knows in all corners of the world at the most random times.  At first it was funny, even kind of neat, but then after a few years and running into people he knows in places like Florida and Germany, it just got weird.  So it wasn't all that surprising when Eric learned that he had a connection to a man in the Netherlands.  Except that this time, it was different. 

Eric's old neighbor's dad died in World War II and is buried at the Netherlands American Military Cemetery, and it was important to Eric to pay his respects.  Since this particular hero is not a member of mine or Eric's family, I do not feel comfortable posting a picture of his grave or any identifying information.  His story is not mine to tell.  But it was very special to us, and especially Eric, to take the time to pay our respects.  

I think it's important for our spirits to be humbled every so often.  It helps to balance ourselves and keep our hearts compassionate.... you'll find that balance.. at a military cemetery

The cemetery was an easy 3 hour drive from our house and made for a really nice way to spend a Sunday together.  We drove through three different countries all in one day- Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands!  Over the past three years we haven't spent that much time in Belgium, but as we drove through the countryside I was reminded that it is my favorite country, and that we need to go back just one more time before we leave Europe.

I don't know if we'll be able to or not, but if driving through Belgium on our way to pay our respects to an American hero was our last glimpse of my favorite country, then I can't imagine a better way to say goodbye!

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  1. Hi Melissa!
    I randomly ended up on your blog because I've been following your sister Chelsea's adventures for years now, and she recently posted a link to your blog.
    I'm so glad I came over because it's so much fun to read! It was nice to read both pieces on EU and on the US! I am myself always split between the 2 because lived in Rochester, MN for years, but I'm originally from Belgium and that's where I live (for now at least). I'm so happy Belgium was your favorite when you visited :)