Wednesday, November 2, 2016

PCS Status: Car Shipped!

Our car is officially on it's way to America!  So now, other than our actual physical bodies, everything that we own is no longer on the same continent as us!

You might think this is the dumbest thing to read about on a blog, but I'm pretty sure there are dumber things out there right now and we could all use a break from it, and anyway, I think that successfully sending off a giant American spec vehicle in pristine condition after 3 1/2 years navigating 8 different foreign countries, teeny tiny roads, even teenier parking spaces, and even teenier parking garages without popping a tire, ramming a pedestrian, or side-swiping other vehicles (okay well that last one might have happened once, and it was just a side mirror... so it doesn't count) is totally blog-worthy!

But it's not just that we shipped our car that I felt was blog-worthy, it's that that was the last major thing we had to do to before we get on an airplane ourselves.  It might sound silly to you all, but this was harder for me than I thought it would be.  I have LOVED every second of our time here.  Life in Europe is a good life.  Meeting people from all over the world is good for the soul and I wish everyone would get out and experience that for themselves.  Eric and I know without a doubt that we will always look back on our years in Germany as some of the best of our entire lives!  For 3 1/2 years we really focused on experiencing life in a foreign country as authentically as we possibly could and I think that not only did we succeed in that, we are profoundly changed because of it.  But the thing is, we have been ready to go home for a little while now.  We are excited about the future and know that our path is going in a direction that can't keep us here any longer.... it's time to go.  I've been so focused on the next chapter, on PCS'ing, on Eric getting promoted, on Isabelle's transition in the middle of a school year, and at the same time feeling like we truly maximized our time here, that I just figured I'd leave with a peaceful heart.  But today, as Eric took the European license plates off my Explorer, my heart broke and I'm not so sure I'm as ready to leave as I thought I was.

I mean, I am ready to leave, I just don't know that I could love anywhere as much as I've loved it here.  Oh you guys, I could blubber about this all night....  

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