Sunday, May 21, 2017

Strawberry & Wine Festival, Ashland, Virginia

I completely failed at this whole OCD organization thing for our move to Texas.  How I ever considered myself to be clean and orderly, I'll never know.  And now, I'm forced to look at boxes upon boxes stacked on every open surface of our house, packed with random dirty crap because I couldn't get my brain ready for another PCS enough to do laundry before the packers swooped in and packed my dirty things into boxes protected by twenty layers of packing tape where all hope of sneakily taking things out to clean them then repack them is lost.  
So since my brain itches knowing that my things are not as organized or as clean as I needed them to be before they got packed for who knows how long, I had to get out of my house for a day, and my husband knew that there is no better place to take his anxious wife than to a wine festival!  

Where we did not end up drinking any wine.  

He's wearing a tie!

This little baby was trying to figure out how to get a drink of water.

Nevertheless, she persisted. ;)  You go baby girl; go conquer that animal world!

A cute little wine festival caught my eye on Facebook so I clicked on it and when I read that pets were welcome, I was all like "Yay, family day!"  Except that the last place Isabelle wanted to go her very last weekend in Virginia was to a wine festival.  She pointed out that she is too old for any of the games they have at wine festivals, and too young to drink the wine, so she asked if she could spend her last Saturday in Virginia at home with her friends instead.  We couldn't argue with her astute observations of a wine festival that she has made as a true world traveler, so then I was all like "Okay... kinda a family day, just not with the whole family.  But I guess that's better than no family day at all, so still yay!"  And bought tickets!

The wine festival was on the Hanover Vegetable Farm and had all the things that make a festival great: bouncy house, live music, strawberries, dogs, alcohol, food, and sunshine!

The food truck we got our lunch from - it was like Chipotle, but organic and way better!

My guys.

Eric and I brought camping chairs and found the perfect spot to camp out at right next to the stage where they had a couple of different bands playing throughout the day.  We each got a beer and just sat there listening to music for the entire time we were there - there was no other place we would rather be.  We went to so many wine festivals in Europe, and since we are moving in a couple of days, we did not feel like we were missing out on anything by not browsing the vendors or tasting the wines they had to offer.  And when we saw how long the lines were we especially did not feel like we were missing out on anything.  Instead, my husband and I enjoyed listening to music with our dogs and sitting in the sun, forgetting that my things weren't as clean or as organized as I wanted them to be before being packed up for who knows how long.  

And that's when I realized what was truly important.  And what wasn't.

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