Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October: My Favorite Month.

October is my favorite month!  I'm sad that it's over.  There is so much to love: 1) the colors are gorgeous, 2) the start of Fall which is my favorite season, 3) it's National Dental Hygiene Month, 4) National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month, 5) Halloween, aannd 6) my wedding anniversary!

Here is one of my new favorite additions to the month of October:

When Eric and I got engaged, the first thing we had to decide was a wedding date.  We both wanted a fall wedding and thought that October would be perfect!  We were right, our wedding day, October 17, 2009, was the most special day!  October is the "new June" for weddings....or so I've heard.

Halloween & Thanksgiving are my favorite holidays.  Neither require loads of gifts and all of the pressure associated with gift-giving/receiving.  And I mean, who doesn't love candy?

 I think pumpkins make the best decorations.  This year, thanks to Pinterest, I was going to make the cutest pumpkins!  I'm soooo noooott crafty.  Anything creative or crafty usually just frustrates the p!ss out of me.  But I knew that Pinterest would get me through and I would have the cutest fall decorations.  ....I forgot about the squirrels.....

The pumpkin that Isabelle decorated at the 'Fall Festival' turned into one squirrel's smorgasbord. 

Isabelle wanted to be an "Edgy Vampire" for Halloween.  I miss when she was little and I could pick whatever costume I wanted her to wear.  Ever since she was old enough to decide her own costume she chooses the exact opposite of what I like....basically anything "gothic."  Eric & I are just glad that Halloween is the only time she likes goth.  

But I guess, this is the time of year to dress up as whatever you want, and she was a pretty spectacular "Edgy Vampire"....

Isn't she beautiful??

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