Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One of Them Days....

One of them days where you know from the second you wake up, that just getting out of bed will result in all of the following: 1) you're going to be late to work, 2) spill hot coffee all down your front and, 3) onto the kitchen floor, 4) not have time to clean the kitchen floor and think about how you wish you could steam clean the floor but you don't have time so you just wipe it up with a paper towel, then, 5) it bugs you all day that your kitchen floor is dirty because you're a germ-freak, 6) forget your phone, 7) you will be reminded that your kiddo never listens to anything you say, ever, 8) get your hair caught in your jacket zipper, 9) get almost side-swiped on the road, 10) you'll get yelled at for no reason, and 11) the police will be called.  One of them days where wine is a necessity and calling in sick should have been a no-brainer.

All of those things happened to me. Today.  At first, this was all funny.  Obama won!  The election had gone the way I had voted and had hoped for so how bad could my day really get?!  But then when I was getting yelled at by a really big idiot, and then when my boss called the police because of the really big idiot, I didn't think my day was funny anymore.

I am home now, with a bottle of wine, thinking that this is probably the way I should have started my day.

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