Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am completely overwhelmed with all of the checklists we have to get done before we leave for Germany.  

I am not a procrastinator.  I have always been "Type-A" and have always liked getting things done as soon as possible.  I'm pretty level-headed and easy going, but a mountain of to-do's will give me anxiety and I won't sleep.  I hyper-focus on one thing at a time until it is done....I am sure that this is the trait that got me through college.  

I have been told that I should just relax and let things fall into place. <--- This does NOT help me relax and it just irritates me!  Yes, I know that things will work out, but we are moving to a different country and there are things that have to get done and get organized.... letting it go and letting it "fall into place" will not happen if we aren't on top of things.


We are slowly climbing the mountain of to-do's.  This week, I had a physical, Isabelle had a physical and got her flu shot, Carley (Isabelle's cat) has been to the vet and gotten her shots, and Isabelle has been to the eye doctor.  Two weeks ago, Eric and I got things updated in the Army's system, we got our medical and dental coverage updated, Eric & I got our flu shots and our new military ID's.  Eric has sent most of the needed forms to Ft. Riley, Kansas (the closest Army post) and they have started pushing our paperwork through.

Carley at the Vet.

There are a lot of little decisions to make about what we want to take, need to take, will take, and won't take to Germany.  Since their electricity runs on 220 voltage and all of our appliances run off of 110, it will take a lot of energy to convert things.... and simple things like a toaster or a blender, that don't get used a whole lot, is it worth taking and using up our weight allotment? {The military only pays for a certain weight per household for our household goods (i.e beds, dressers, boxes, etc...), anything over that weight we have to pay for.}  Today, we discussed taking our snow-blower and lawn mower..... since we don't know if we'll be living in apartment or a house, we have no idea if we'll need them.  Sigh....lots of decisions!

But slowly we are getting stuff done.  I won't relax until we are settled in Germany, but since the forms have been sent to Ft. Riley I'm not hyper-focusing on anything right now, so that's good!  Isabelle is learning German faster than we are and we are researching the culture as much as possible.  We are looking forward to the holidays, but most importantly, we are trying to spend as much time together as possible before Eric leaves for Virginia.  


  1. Yes, we can take both Brew & Carley. Europe is very pet friendly! But, we want to travel....A LOT!... and there aren't any doggy daycares that we have found so far to watch him while we travel, so we found a foster-family for Brew while we are in Germany and we are taking Carley with us. I will be blogging about this in a few months or so. We are heartbroken about not taking Brew, and Eric would MUCH rather take Brew than Carley!

  2. hey i live in germany and you definitely wont need a snow blower!it does indeed snow sometimes but its never that much that you couldnt shovel it withing a short amount of time :)

    1. Thanks! That settles that, then! One less decision to make! :o)

    2. your welcome!if you have any more questions about germany feel free to ask me :)

  3. Hey lady!

    Just thought I'd throw my two cents in too- I love reading your blog! Been there, done that.

    Self-Help can let you borrow any movers, weed wackers, snow blowers, etc that you will need for outdoor stuff. Some of them even have electric tools and stuff to borrow so you don't need to bring all that stuff.
    I agree with you that toaster, blender, and even microwave don't need to be brought. Microwaves will need a HUGE transformer, so that is like $200 to buy also! You'd be better off just buying a 220 micro when you get here. I bought new alarm clocks (just cheap ones) cuz thats cheaper than running a transformer all the time (you'd be surprised at how much lower your electricity bill will be if you switch off the transformers and into 220 appliances). Also, some things like certain tvs, dvd players, computers can just use a plug adaptor. Just check the back and see if it says it can have an input of 110-240 V and if so, you're good to go!
    I would also recommend calling your insurance company (don't know if you guys have USAA or not) and just let them know you're going to be moving- when you're going to ship HHG and your cars and stuff, cuz your rates will change when they ship. Also, they usually will lower your interest rates on credit cards and stuff when you're PCSing.
    If you need anything else, you and Eric are more than welcome to FB msg me too!

    Enjoy yourself too! It will be fun, believe me. The most stressful part is getting off the airplane and trying to figure out where to go. You'll do great!

    1. THANK YOU! I could use a lot of advice! Eric will be at BOLC in Virginia up until he leaves for Germany so that is stressing me out even more since I will be home in Nebraska organizing the move. But thank you! This helps to know what to take/what not to take!

    2. Thanks Veronica! We appreciate all the help. I am sure I will be FB messaging you more when the time gets closer to PCSing. I think I will be going over first to get everything set up. Might have to look up Matt since you probably won't quite be back yet. Thanks again, keep in touch, and stay safe!

    3. Absolutely! I will send you his phone number and email. And I live for contact with the outside world, so keep me posted with questions! :)

  4. Have you ever been in Germany : )?