Monday, December 31, 2012

December: A Picture A Day.

On Pinterest I came across a 30-Day photo challenge.  I figure it's kind of like the November: 30 Days of Thanks and could be a neat way to end the year!  There are no guidelines and it seems easy enough, however, I am not a photographer.  I have a nice camera and I love it but it's only as good as the person taking the pictures.

Since things like "aperture," "white-balance," and "shutter speed," confuse me to no end, this won't be filled with beautiful pictures.  And I've interpreted each category more literal than maybe a creative person would. 

Basically, I'm hanging onto the "no guidelines" and I think that means I can do this anyway I want to. ;o)

Introduce Yourself

 Me!  Melissa Schnell, the writer of this blog.  I am a regular gal who is lucky in love and new to blogging.  I cropped my sister out of it. 


A happy little guy, isn't he?  I've named him Kipper.  He watches over his corner of the shelf at Wal-Mart and since he seemed so happy to be doing so, I left him alone.  He was polite enough to let me snap his picture.

What I'm reading 

I am always reading, so this will likely change by the time I publish this post, but today I am reading 'Number the Stars' by Lois Lowry.  Required reading for every middle schooler, except at my middle school because I've never read it.   

Shadow Play

Cheersing a cup of hot chocolate (with RumChata) on a night stroll with my man and our doggy!  

Someone I Love

Here are two someone's that I love, my baby and fur-baby.  Brother & sister.  Sweetest souls on the planet.

A Burst of Red:

My boss knits in between patients and this is her latest creation.  She makes me wish that I could knit!  

My View

We have been in our car every single weekend for almost two months.  Four different parties, a wedding, a funeral, and four separate Christmases all spread between two states.  This has been my view for 8 weekends in a row.


I swear, Isabelle puts her perfectly fitting shoes on in the morning before school and when she comes home her toes are all bunched up because they're all of a sudden too small.  How does that happen?!  Her feet have to be growing at an insane rate because we are constantly buying her new shoes and it can't be normal! 


I like simple.  I don't put garland or ribbon on my tree and I don't like colored lights.  I have gotten Isabelle a personalized ornament every year since she was born and Eric's mom has done the same for him, so our tree is full of personalized ornaments and nothing else.  It's simple, it's perfect.


Plaid counts as stripes, right?  For Christmas, Eric and I got the coziest fleece-lined shirts from LL Bean.  The most comfortable, coziest shirt ever!  I've been living in it since I opened it.... don't judge.

On The Shelf

 Ok, so this isn't really a shelf....but I think it works for this category.

Maybe this is what 'on the shelf' means?  I'm not sure.  The stocking that is turned differently drove me nuts!  I tried to turn it so that it laid like the others but it wouldn't stay put!  An individual! Maybe I should rename this category....


These are my mom's 'Baby Ruth Bars' and ohmigosh they are heaven on earth!  My FAVORITE!

'Tis the Season

'Tis the Season for dental professionals, dedicated to preserving the functionality of teeth, to send lots and lots of junk food to each other.  This picture was taken after we picked through the goodies pretty well, missing are 4 bottles of wine, and my personal favorite, Bath & Bodyworks gift sets.  


I'm sure this category means for me to take a black & white picture, but I am obsessed with the black & white color combination so I decided to use the opportunity to show my obsession.  This is a picture of my new Northface Osito fleece jacket and black & white polka dot gloves & mittens.  Love, love, love!  

Something Yum

For Christmas Eve dinner at Eric's mom & step-dad's it's tradition to have soups and appetizers.  My favorite!  6 huge crock-pots of different kinds of soup and a table FULL of snacks!  SO good!

Hands at Work

I think that the most frustrating thing about Christmas is opening the toys!  So I leave it to Eric to do ;o)


 My Grandma Sue made this ornament for me when I was a teenager.  She was an accomplished artist and spent her entire life creating beautiful pieces.  She even made all of the jewelry for my wedding.  Her artwork is in every room of my house and I miss her.....painfully.  Her artwork, and this ornament, comfort me.

It's Cold Outside

Until recently it hasn't been cold here which is a bummer.  I love winter!  So the best I could do for this category was just the opposite.....and here is a picture proving that I have the windows open in the evening in December!


I am really excited about this!  A light for my Kindle!  So now I can read in the dark!

Furry Faces

 This is Carley.  She often gets left out of pictures (i.e our Christmas card) because she is strictly Isabelle's cat!  She hates everyone but Isabelle, she adores Isabelle!  So unless Isabelle is close by, we don't see Carley...which is fine by Eric.
This is Brew.  He loves everyone!


  An abundance of gifts. {And more black & white ;o)}


Kinda looks like a real fire place, huh?  It's just an electric fireplace.  It warms the house enough that our furnace almost never has to run when we have it on.  We've had it for 4 years and it's our best purchase!


I am not a photographer so I was pretty stoked when I captured this picture of my Christmas tree.  First, I had to Google what Bokeh was.



"I chewed my brand new toy from Santa into a million pieces..... and then my Mom yelled at me."

Favorite Thing

I usually know what my presents are because Eric and I almost always go shopping together.  So when I opened this box, I literally gasped!

He got me a charm bracelet!!  The angels represent our babies we miscarried and my beloved Grandma Sue and the charms are the birthstones for Isabelle, me, and my baby son in heaven.  He got lots of kisses for this!!


What, exactly, is "texture" when it comes to taking a picture?  I have no idea, so I took this picture of our Christmas tree skirt.


Happppy New year!  Gosh, I'm crazy about this guy!  We are enjoying our last few days together before he leaves for Ft. Lee, Virginia.


I'm sure that "reflection" means something else, but this is our Christmas card and it is a collection of pictures throughout 2012; A reflection of our year.  2012 was a really gentle year for us.  Eric was especially blessed with his master's degree, Soldier's Medal, and commission.  I have seen my prayers answered.  Isabelle is growing, learning, and still loving unconditionally.  I am beyond lucky to have these two amazing souls in my life who love me deeply and always make me laugh.  

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