Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Weekend Down... a Bunch More to Go...

Eric and his older sister made it safely to Virginia.  Nikki went with to help break up the drive and to explore.  I was thankful he didn't have to make the long trek by himself, Nikki saved me two days worth of worrying.  They made such good time that they were able to spend a day sightseeing around Richmond.  Eric has started in-processing, and so far, it sounds like when he's not in training he'll be pretty bored.  I'll get more info when I talk to him later.

Yesterday, Isabelle and I decided a movie date was what we needed and went to see 'Rise of the Guardians.'  There was a couple with their 9-12 month old baby sitting in the front row and this baby screamed the entire movie!  I'm not kidding.  The entire flippin' movie.  It got to the point where people started asking/yelling at the couple to do something about their baby, and the couple wouldn't!  Very frustrating!  

It was a cute movie about the power of belief, I especially liked it because of the tooth fairy.  An adorable representation of oral health!  I don't think the importance of dental hygiene is shown enough in kids' movies and I thought this little tooth fairy was the cutest!  Here is a crummy iPhone picture of me and my girl at the theater.

After the movie we decided that accessories are always a good idea and went shopping at Charming Charlie, my most favorite store!   

At Isabelle's last eye exam her eye doctor felt that she was on the verge of needing prescription glasses but didn't want to put her in any until she absolutely needed them.  He suggested that we try simple reading glasses from Walmart to help her reading until she needs a prescription.  She found some at Charming Charlie's...

She looks so grown up, doesn't she?!  She's healing from a face-plant into our wall a few days ago.  She scraped her nose and got a little shiner but nothing broke!  She inherited my clumsiness.  I know first hand the embarrassment that this kid will periodically endure by being clumsy.....poor thing.  Thankfully, she already knows how to laugh at herself.  

Even with a new purse and scarf, I was sad and missing Eric, so I threw myself a pity party.  I am sure that to veteran military spouses this probably makes me sound like a baby.  Eric isn't in danger, he's only at training, and it's only for 4 months.... I know this.  I also know that this is the first of many separations we will go through during the next 16 years or so, but I'm still sad.  I felt like I needed to give myself one night to feel sorry for myself.  

I had a castor oil pack with a heating pad (reduces my inflammation), a heating blanket, chocolate, wine, and magazines.  I sat in our recliner, watched sappy movies, and didn't move.  It was great!!  Now today, I am ready to get on with the next 4 months.  

Laundry is going, house is clean, floor is vacuumed, and Brew is walked!  Pantry is organized, 'fridge is cleaned out, and groceries are purchased and put away!  I managed to put on make-up and a bra, and on a weekend, that's an accomplishment!  School starts tomorrow, volleyball in a few weeks, and then things will really start to get busy.... hopefully making the next few months go fast.  One weekend down and a bunch more to go!


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