Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crash Course in Goodbye....

Eric left for Ft. Lee, Virginia this morning.  He'll be gone until the end of April.  We've known that this was coming and he started packing a few days ago.  One of the best things about being in love with a military man is his organization!  The discipline that being in the Army has taught Eric suits my neurotic personality perfectly!

I am a "new" Army wife... and I have a lot to learn!  First lesson: a crash course in goodbyes.  Eric & I are not used to being apart, we do everything together.  Our marriage is based on the fact that when we go to bed at night, there is not another person on the planet that knows what we are going through except each other.  "We are in this together" is our motto.  That motto has gotten us through the most devastating moments we have had to endure.

Eric will be at training for 4 months, he won't be in any danger, I'll be able to text/talk/Skype/Facebook with him daily, and we will be visiting him in a few months.... but I'm still sad.  I miss him.

I hope it never gets easy saying goodbye, I hope we never get used to being apart.....

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