Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Packing, Walking, & Volleyball...

I am a dental hygienist and am blessed to work full-time in a small clinic where I am the only hygienist.  I work Monday-Thursday and have a 3-day weekend every week.  I am home every night & weekend, and off on all holidays.  I can't imagine that there is a better job on the planet.  
The down side: during clinic hours my entire day revolves around my patients.  Cancellations or no shows can throw off my schedule and are especially irritating.  Today, I didn't have any patients scheduled, so I got an unexpected day off, in the middle of the week!  My paycheck might not appreciate this unexpected day off as much I do.

With our trip to D.C next week I had a million things to do to get ready for it!  First, I got my eyebrows threaded <-- much better than waxing! Slightly less painful and lasts a lot longer!  
I started packing a week and a half ago but still needed to organize the stuff that I've packed.  We're only going to be there for 5 days so you'd think that Isabelle and I could share a suitcase.... Uh, no.  This is why: I pack as though I am leaving all civilization for weeks!  And as if when I leave civilization, things like earrings, matching scarves, and cute jackets will be essential.  And, I pack extras of everything.  Clearly, two suitcases are the only way I can take everything that I might need in D.C.  Eric doesn't get it either....

Once I felt like our suitcases were perfectly organized, I took this guy on a walk.  We went on our usual 2-mile power walk that we do most everyday.  There are a bunch of great hills on our regular route so my bum gets a good work-out.  After 2 miles Brew is just getting started, after 2 miles I'm tired and my legs are burning.  

I sure hope he knows that taking him on a walk when I absolutely didn't feel like it and rrreeealllyyy wanted a nap instead is just because I am completely in love and very dedicated to his preciousness!

Isabelle has volleyball practice every Tuesday and she loves it!  There is an indoor track above the volleyball nets, so while she's playing, I'm power-walking.  I'll get a good 4 miles in while she's practicing!  {counting the 2 miles this morning that makes 6 miles today, y'all!!}  The nice thing is that I can see my daughter from just about anywhere I am on the track, so my mind is at ease and I'm workin' up a sweat!

So an unexpected day off in the middle of the week turned out to be amazing... my eyebrows are grateful!  Now, I'll be screwed up on what day it is for the rest of the week  ;o) 

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