Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Homebody History Geek

I am a homebody!  I love being at home and keeping to myself.  (You wouldn't know it, if you knew me)  My energy gets drained easily depending on the energy I'm around....positive, negative, excited, angry, rude, etc...  I am "on" at work all day so on weekends I recharge myself by not talking to anyone, which is exactly what I've been doing the last few days.  Eric soothes my energy, so it's been difficult not having him around.  

I am obsessed with biographical movies and books.  I'm a history geek!  My brain rebelled against my choice of a science major in college and as a result, I often questioned why I didn't become a history teacher or a museum curator as my brain woulda easily have grasped that rather than physiology and chemistry.  
I brought my inner, neglected history geek to the theater and saw Lincoln {loved it!!} and then spent my weekend watching: a Band of Brothers marathon, Roots, Into the West, Titanic, Dances with Wolves, and Schindler's List.  The next box set I want to get is 'Hatfields & McCoys.'  I haven't figured out if this is morbid or not... I'm sure it is.  I just get caught up in the injustice, resilience, and struggle of the people and their amazing/sad/inspiring/heroic stories.  If someone made a movie of my life it'd be a pretty boring flick.
And today was one of those perfectly dreary days to watch my favorite history movies.  Eric thinks days like this are depressing, I think all of God's days are perfect!  And a gloomy day was just what I needed to watch my movies and get laundry done!

Eric is doing well!  His training is more like a job than a school, and with all of his experience he isn't sweatin' it much.  He is living in a small hotel-like room by himself.  Sort of like apartment style or maybe even dorm room style living, except that he has his own room, bathroom, and tiny kitchen. 

He is bored most of the time and really missing us.  I think he misses Brew the most.  We are anxiously waiting for our trip to D.C in a few weeks!  He is meeting friends and says that he really likes Virginia.  We went to Boston last year and completely fell in love with that side of the United States, so I'm excited to go back with Isabelle.  

Anyway, I've been quiet lately but I'm still here!  I'm just a boring gal who is really missing my love and will be happy when January is over!  

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