Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shriner's Circus!

Last night Isabelle and I went to the circus with one of Eric's co-workers and her little boy.  I needed the circus to save my sanity.  We had a big snowstorm here a few days ago so I hadn't left my house in 2 days.  

The last time I had been to the circus was when Isabelle was 4 years old, maybe 5, I'm not sure, but It had been awhile.  Before we got to the circus Isabelle said that she did not want to see a clown!  Apparently, her best friend is afraid of clowns so she decided she is too.  I explained to her that clowns make people laugh and laughter heals, and that she shouldn't take other people's fears as her own....she'll have her own fears and that those will be burden enough.  This may be have made her feel better because by the time we got to the arena she thought the clowns were "awesome!"

The littlest clown I've ever seen!  Adorable! 

The clowns don't bother me at all but this little contraption sure does!  I am severely claustrophobic.  Sitting in a crowded arena, shoulder to shoulder, will literally cut off my airway (and I was close to hyperventilating).  Then this small metal ball thing with 3 bike/motorcycles going in all different directions comes out and I could barely handle it! 

Our favorite part of the show was Ella Louise, a singing elephant.  She didn't sing for us but she did dance!  She was graceful & beautiful and had the best outfit out of everyone in the entire show!

Isabelle has a tender heart for animals so she especially loves the circus, but when she found out that they had a petting zoo after the show, she could barely contain herself! 

I'm not sure how I felt about this petting zoo..... there were people walking around cleaning up after the animals and watching us to make sure we were gentle, but I'm just not sure this is the best place for them.  
Anyway, this circus was a fun night and it was nice to get out of the house!   It was a great way to have a "girls" night without having to get a babysitter!  We're supposed to get more snow tonight but I haven't heard how much yet.  Last night might have been my only chance to break out for another day or two.

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