Sunday, April 7, 2013

Camping!....In Our Own House.

I survived my first ever experience with the moving and packing part of PCS'ing!  I had no idea what to expect so I worried myself sick about it the night before and got no sleep.  But, it's over!  And there really wasn't anything to worry about.

I had heard the movers would come in and do everything, that I wouldn't have to anything....this turned out to be true.  But since I had no idea, I tried to organize everything as much as possible for them (I can't help it).  
I separated our things into take and not take and then I locked everything that we absolutely knew we did not want going to Germany, and did not want any mix-up of accidentally taking, into our car the night before.   I also put these 'Do Not Pack' signs on the big things (or the things I was too lazy to carry out to my car) so that there would be no miscommunication.  
The movers said that my organizing made it so much easier on them, thankyouverymuch.

The 6-guy crew were nice, respectful, and knew exactly what they were doing!  I was impressed with their efficiency; their organization and efficiency soothed my compulsion to do everything.  I was told to "relax" (they obviously don't know me), and I literally just sat on my couch all day while they wrapped, numbered, labeled, and packed every item that I wanted to take to Germany.
Not knowing what to expect had kept me up all night the night before, and since the movers didn't want me doing anything, I struggled trying to stay awake, which made for a long day.

They finished about the time that my kiddo was getting home from school and when they were finished my house was clean!  This is when I got my 2nd wind and started putting things back together.  I set up what was left and realized that we sent wwaaayyyyy more to Germany than I thought!  And now we are camping our own house. 

We have the bare essentials still.  Isabelle and I still have our mattresses (Isabelle had an extra one...a perfect example of how we have too much crap!) so we have places to sleep.  Brew has his kennel and our backyard is still fenced for him.  The Army won't let us ship our washer & dryer overseas, so we still have a way to wash our clothes. All of the appliances belong to the base-house we live in, so we have a fully functional kitchen.  My house is empty but we still have what we need.

However, we did not have a TV since ours are on their way to Germany.  Sadly, I can not live without TV.  I just can't.  So, I went to a Rent-A-Center and "rented" one for two months.  I'm not sure that I am completely comfortable with the idea of renting a TV, it seems a little shady to me.  I'm pretty sure that by renting, I'm just paying triple the price if I'd just buy it outright.  But whatever, I can't go two months without one, I only need it for two months, and I didn't see any other option.  

So, our house is empty and we are basically camping out.  But actually, I don't mind it!  The house is easier to keep clean and with everything gone, reminds me that we are getting so close to Eric coming home and being together in Germany.


  1. hey melissa
    if you have questions in or about germany or german words, let me know here i can give you my emailadress okay ???

    Stephanie :D

  2. Hope you have read my Comment, please let me know :D

    1. I did, thank you, if I have any questions I will let you know! :o)

  3. i m not on twitter anymore, but i see here if you got a question :D