Monday, February 3, 2014

Superbowl Weekend, 2014

We had every intention of going somewhere this weekend, but we didn't.  And I'm too tired to be irritated about it.  Eric had a long week, Isabelle is sick, we're moving in less than two weeks, Isabelle's honor roll assembly is the same week we move, and Isabelle's birthday and birthday party are in the mix of all of this.  And my back hurts {pouty-face}.  Our apartment is a disaster, we've got tons of piddly crap to do before we move, and the amount of laundry I have to do is ridiculous.  We are too busy to even squeeze in a day trip right now and actually enjoy it.

Instead, Eric and I met up with some friends for supper Friday night!  We ended up staying out later than we expected; I'm assuming its because a couple of these were involved....

...Yes, that is a 5 liter tower of beer!  {Have I mentioned yet how much Eric loves Germany?}  We had SO MUCH FUN!

Superbowl Sunday isn't the same living here, you could probably guess that though.  I know there is a way to watch football over here, but we haven't figured it out yet.  But even if we had figured it out, the games play at the same time you all see them at home, which means if the game starts at 6:00 p.m for you, it starts at 1:00 a.m for us.  Neither me nor my husband love football that much to stay up all night just to catch a game!  So we have not watched a single football game all season.... we miss it.
The same friends we went out with on Friday night had a Superbowl party at their house.  Since I had to work this morning we knew we couldn't stay out late enough to see any part of the game, but it was nice to go to a Superbowl party anyway, and nice to just hang out.  Eric and I didn't really care who won the game, but thanks to Facebook I was kept posted on how terrible the Broncos were. 

A night out with friends and a Superbowl party have made Germany feel a little more like home, and we've decided that those kind of nights are just as awesome as traveling!

So this is what you can probably expect out of my blog for the next few weeks:   February will be stressful and busy {my baby turning 11 makes me sad}, but March is around the corner and we've got trips booked for three out of the five weekends, plus a vacation booked for April, and a smaller vacation for Memorial Day.  I'm going to a concert with a good friend tomorrow night in Frankfurt, and you can bet that I'll be blogging about everything from our move, to the concert, to birthdays, and of course our travels!  But if I'm grumpy one day, then stressed the next, then a sappy mess because my baby is not a baby anymore...I hope you'll understand :)

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