Saturday, March 1, 2014

...All For Violet Syrup

We went to France today!  We went to France for groceries, but most importantly, we went to France for alcohol.  

I've been hearing about Cora's for awhile now and knew I wanted to go to get groceries at some point.  But I had heard about this violet syrup from a gal I work with a few months ago which you can only get at Cora's, and since I tend to hyper-focus on things, I knew I had to try it!  We are only about 45 minutes from the French border and less than an hour away from Cora's, so Eric and I figured it'd make for a great afternoon trip!  We just hadn't found the time to go until today.  

I didn't really know what to expect from Cora's.  Things here aren't so different from home, but yet still different (the people who live here will understand what that means), so I've learned it's best not to have expectations when going into a new situation, and an open mind will go a long way.  But even with an open mind, I was super excited to see that Cora Hypermarchés is a lot like Walmart!!  

They've got a lock smith, dry-cleaners, house stuff, clothes, jewelry, fresh fish, fresh meat, and just about everything in between!  It made us feel a teeny bit like we were at a Walmart back in the States again!

I think this is a tongue from a.... cow, maybe?  Okay, honestly, who eats that?!  Cow tongue...fine, but I just about lost my lunch when I saw the teeny skinless chickens at the meat counter who still had beaks (sorry folks, I just couldn't look at 'em long enough to take a picture).

But the entire reason I was wanting to go to Cora's was for this violet syrup I had heard about a few months ago.  I have no reason why my brain fixates on something, but it's what got me through college so I don't think it's a bad thing, and now I've got alcohol for it too.  I bought champagne to mix with the violet syrup, and Eric and I guessed at what "violets" would taste like the entire way home. 

The closest way to describe it is grape.  It smells amazing!  But tastes a little like grape.  So worth the 6 bottles we bought.  {Hey, don't judge!  We don't know when we'll get a chance to go back again.}  Eric and I had a little "moment" today.  A moment where we could NOT believe we went to France just to buy groceries.  It sounds kind of ridiculous that that is even a possibility to us, and one we never thought we would ever be able to talk/blog/laugh about.  We're thankful for that moment.... and for violet syrup.

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