Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Was Her Month!

This girl has had a busy month!

First, she got on the honor roll (again).

Moved on-post where "all" of her friends are and got asked to the Valentine's Day Dance (by a boy).

She turned 11!  

Got really cool birthday gifts like tickets to Disneyland Paris (for April) and a second earring hole.

And topped it all off with an owl-themed birthday party at Yabadoo's.

I don't think parenting could be any easier with a kid like Isabelle.  She's just a loving, easy-going girl who's full of compassion and ambition with the perfect amount of smarty-pants and silly.  Sure, she automatically hates anything that I like only because I like it, but I've heard that's "normal" for a tween girl, and I'll gladly take the frustration with the awesomeness.  She's pretty great.


  1. You are a proud mommy and you should be-- from the sounds of things, she is a great kid who makes it a joy to be a parent! Glad things are going so well for her over there, you never know whether a move like that will be hard on a kid or not and it appears she is taking it in a stride and doing awesome! -Lindsay Hovden

  2. Thanks, Linds! We got her into summer camps at the youth center the second week we were in Germany which helped her adjust tremendously! But doing things like a birthday party at Yabadoo's, and especially living on-post where the youth center is and her her school is, has helped her to feel like she did at home in the States.