Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Schnell's Do Salsa!

Tonight, Eric and I went to a salsa dance class!  I've never been salsa dancing, mainly because I can't dance, so I didn't know the first thing about it.  So since I didn't know the first thing about salsa dancing the most important question was naturally.....

What do you wear to go salsa dancing?!

This is what I decided on.  Leopard print, my favorite color, and boots with a little heel seemed like the perfect choice!

There really isn't much to tell you about salsa dancing.  Since I can't dance I just interpreted whatever the instructor said to what my feet would actually do.  In my head I looked just like Cheryl Burke from 'Dancing With the Stars,' but in real life I'm sure I actually looked like Elaine from 'Seinfeld.'

Of course I took my camera with me, but I've got a lot to learn still!  I haven't used it enough to get the hang of it, so I got pretty frustrated.  I couldn't get any of my pictures to come out without using the flash which was way too bright.  I only got a few OK pictures out of the entire evening.

See what I mean about the flash?  I really need to figure it out by tomorrow since we're going to the Tulip Festival in the Netherlands.  I'll be way more than just frustrated if I don't get any good pictures of the flowers.

We had fun doing something different!  It didn't matter that I can't dance, it turned out that Eric was sort of a natural!  He just moved me to where ever he needed me to move and didn't mind for one second that I stepped on his toes.  He was his usual goofy self which made me laugh and not care how ridiculous I'm sure I looked.  I definitely used muscles that haven't been used since... probably birth, so I'm sure that means I should do stuff like salsa dance more often.
We had to leave a little early because Isabelle called and had locked herself out of the house (that kid I tell ya!!) and was waiting at our neighbors house.  I seriously don't know what we'd do without our neighbor!  Oh, and by the way...salsa dancing is a type of dance that has Cuban and Puerto Rican influences but originated in New York, in case you were wondering.  It looks super sexy.... if you aren't watching me.

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