Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our Weekend: A Bust

All I have to blog about is how completely frustrating this weekend has been.  I don't even have any pictures to attach to this either.  So, if you don't want to read about anything frustrating, or you don't want to read that word over and over, just come back next week when I'll {hopefully} have a trip to the Netherlands, with pictures, to tell y'all about.   

So.... We were supposed to go to Innsbruck, Austria today, but I got a phone call from the travel company we booked our trip through on Thursday saying that the trip had been cancelled.  We were SO disappointed!  We had been to Innsbruck last summer but we missed out on valuable time there because I thought I knew more than the GPS on how to get to Austria only 6 weeks after landing here.  {I should've just kept my mouth shut and I have no problems admitting that}  If you don't remember, or haven't read it yet, you can read about our first visit to Innsbruck.... HERE.  

There was just no way we were going to sit still this weekend!  We have a gigantic travel list and it's not going to get any shorter if we sit around at home all the time.  I have a new camera that is begging to be used and an adventurous spirit that will go bonkers if we sit still for more than two weeks in a row.  I've said it before, but the places to see and the things to do here are endless, but with such short notice I didn't have time to plan an entire weekend trip, only a day trip, so that shortened the options by just a little.  I turned to Rick Steves' Best of Germany 2013 for some help and randomly decided on Würzburg!

We were excited!.... My camera bag was packed, camera fully charged, and we woke up raring to go.  Except Isabelle.  The poor kid had a sore throat and wasn't feeling the greatest.  Eric and I fussed over her (well actually... I fussed and Eric did the practical thing like grab a thermometer and check for a fever) and decided that she did not have a fever so it was likely the bug that's been going around our neighborhood.
After fussing and discussing, and then texting my neighbor, we decided that Isabelle should stay home and rest while Eric and I went to Würzburg.  Don't worry, we were only going to be 2 hours away, she had access to an adult (my neighbor/good friend), access to us with our home phone, and she's 11; All within the Army's rules for kiddo's staying home alone.

Eric and I got to Würzburg, we were just getting off the Autobahn whheeeen.... Isabelle called from our neighbor's phone.  To make a long story short:  Isabelle spilled my brand new nail polish on our living room rug.  She went to clean it up with our Bissel Green Machine and plugged it into the wrong outlet.  She plugged a 110V appliance into a 220V outlet and fried the Green Machine.  Sound familiar?  Yup, it is exactly like what I did to our crockpot.  You can read about that HERE, if you want to.

Isabelle also tripped a breaker turning our home phone off, the internet off, and everything in the kitchen, but thankfully, the Green Machine was the only serious casualty.  Isabelle knew that since the phone was no longer working she couldn't get ahold of us and we couldn't get a hold of her, which panics her mother sending her into a tizzy, which no child of mine ever wants happening!  Isabelle did the absolute right thing by running to our neighbors to call and let us know what had happened.
Obviously though, Eric and I couldn't go to Würzburg when our kiddo had done something to trip a breaker.  I mean, if I'm not a mess anyway, now my daughter may be at risk for electrocuting herself and couldn't call anyone for help if she needed to?!  Forget it, we had to get home!

We immediately turned around without seeing even a glimpse of Würzburg.  Yes, Isabelle is safe (and starting to feel better) but it didn't stop us from being frustrated that she did something she knew not to.  Isabelle knows better than plugging a 110V appliance into a 220V outlet!  Yes, it could have been worse, but I'm still frustrated about it.  Even though we have an amazing life right now, we know that frustrating days are thrown in to keep us humble, but I think I'm perfectly allowed to be frustrated every once in awhile and vent about it on my blog. 

And it rained all day.

And my back hurts.

And my rug has nail polish on it.

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