Wednesday, April 9, 2014

1LT Schnell

I know, I know... I said I'd tell you about Paris, and I will, but I have to tell you this first and then I'll get to our trip.  Promise!


It's a good thing that I am the writer of this blog, otherwise if it were up to Eric y'all would never hear about this.  He just doesn't think being promoted is a big deal.  He'd tell you that he's still "just a Lieutenant" and the "low man on the totem pole."  He's too humble if you ask me.  This is still a promotion no matter what he thinks, and my guy could take the garbage out and I'd celebrate him!  I have no problems gushing all over him and shouting across my teeny piece of the blog world that my husband got promoted to First Lieutenant!  

Since I pinned Eric's 2nd Lieutenant rank at his commissioning ceremony in 2012, he thought it would be special if Isabelle pinned on his 1st Lieutenant rank.  She was nervous for the ceremony so her and Eric practiced last night.  She did a spectacular job!  I could have burst out of my skin at how proud I was of these two!

I just love how they're looking at each other.

I even got pinned a (unofficial) captain's rank!  Eric's Battalion Commander pinned me a rank higher than my husband to "remind him who is really in charge!"  I thought that was so great {...and true ;o)  just kidding}!

Captain's rank is two silver bars.  

We ordered cupcakes from the same gal who did Isabelle's birthday cake and a BBQ spread for the promotion lunch, and then got a little bit of time to catch up with some of the people Eric works with.  
Thank you A Lil Slice of Heaven!  They were a hit!

{Silver bars are what the 1st LT rank is when Eric is in his ASU's (dressy uniform).  His everyday uniform are the ACU's and then the rank is black.  Makes sense to me now, but that was very confusing when he first commissioned.}  

It was back to business as usual after lunch.  We took the leftover food down to where Eric's platoon works so that his soldiers could have lunch too.  Eric wants absolutely nothing more for the day, he says he's happy with how everything turned out.  {He's a no-frills kind of guy}  Plus, Isabelle has guitar lessons tonight anyway.  But, we might try an Italian restaurant we've heard a lot about this weekend, and we've got a bottle of wine for tonight.

Goodbye butter bar!  Congratulations 1st Lieutenant, Schnell!  We LOVE you!  And are SO proud of you!

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