Monday, April 7, 2014

Photo Cred!

We just got back from Paris, but before I tell y'all about our trip I've gotta tell you that one of my pictures made it into our local newspaper!!!!!

**Let me explain first that I blurred out the faces before posting it on here, this is not how it looks in real life.  I did this because my blog is only from my perspective, I never try to speak for anyone else, and the people that I took this picture of aren't in my perspective on getting photo cred in a local paper.  I value their privacy and am not comfortable with posting pictures of people who's permission I did not ask.  Yes, you can freely see my picture online or in print, but I'm not going to post pictures of anything on my blog that aren't apart of the perspective I'm trying to tell y'all about.**


I am giddy about this!!  

I take my camera everywhere, especially when there's something I want to remember or blog about (and getting my man to dance was bound to be picture worthy), so when a reporter saw me with my camera he asked if I'd take pictures of everyone dancing for the local paper this is what I said:  "Wait, what?!  You want my pictures?  You want me to take pictures for the newspaper?!"
He said:  "Yes, I want you to take pictures for the newspaper.  I would love to write an article about this!"  But basically, his face said it like: "Uhhh...yeahhh, that's what I just asked you to do.....?,"  and the guy just could not to figure out why I went from stunned to giddy & giggly in a microsecond.  {You had to be there to get it.  If I'm not being quiet, I'm crying or giggling.  Eric thinks it's cute or embarrassing depending on the situation.}
So I knew when I blogged about salsa dancing a week or so ago that one or two of my pictures would end up in the paper, but until I saw it I didn't want to say anything.  I was even given proper credit- my name is under the picture-do you see it?!

This really isn't a big deal, and I know it.  This will not turn into anything, and anyone there with a camera could have gotten their picture in the paper too.  But I am still excited about it and wanted y'all to see it!!  

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