Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Furry Journey!

This little fella came into our lives yesterday!!!!

I had an entire blog post almost finished telling y'all how this little guy came into our lives, how we made the decision after almost a year of discussions to leave our beloved Brew in an amazing home, where he is flourishing until we get back to the States; How intricate that decision was, how we prayed about it, and how ultimately we knew that by bringing Brew to Germany would be purely selfish.  I had an entire blog post almost finished full of pictures of Brew!  

I had an entire blog post almost finished full of pictures of our new addition too and telling y'all that he is a European Golden Retriever born in France.  I told y'all that Brew has a foster-sister that he has gotten very attached to, so Eric and I felt that getting a brother for when we get Brew back would help his transition.  
Eric named him Journey....isn't that the most perfect name?!  No, he is not named after the band!  Eric said that that was the most fitting name he could think of for our dog.  I completely agree.

I had a blog post almost finished telling y'all that on our way home from getting Journey we stopped at the Somme American Military Cemetery to pay our respects to more than 1,800 World War I soldiers.  I didn't bring the right camera lens to get the best pictures, and it was rainy, chilly, and windy out yesterday, but you'll get the idea.

But my almost finished blog post got wiped out because I have a laptop that only works sometimes.  I can't even tell you how beyond mad I am that my computer wiped out a really great blog post in a microsecond!!  Not only did my computer wipe out my blog post, but I've also had to re-upload my pictures twice today because my laptop won't stay plugged in and randomly shuts off without warning.  I'm not even embarrassed at the language that has been coming out of my mouth today (Isabelle is out playing with her friends).

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