Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No More Brace Face

Isabelle got her braces off today!!

I am a wreck...

Her 1st selfie without braces- she immediately texted this picture to everyone!

I've been extra emotional these last few weeks watching my daughter take a giant leap in maturity.  It's this weird feeling of being insanely proud mixed with panic mixed with sadness mixed with a little pit of pain because my heart feels like it's going to burst.  She ended 6th grade on the honor roll- just one B that Eric and I were not happy about it- but she did it!  Just as she has every year since she was three years old.  But besides that she has become this gorgeous dynamic person.  Isabelle is traveling Europe, meeting people from all different countries, eating foreign food, seeing God's love in so many corners of the world!  I shouldn't be so surprised that she's maturing, but my heart hurts because of it.  Am I selfish?
Now that her braces are off there just isn't anything about her that is a little girl anymore.  She is growing up, and our hearts are breaking.  I know she's supposed to, I just don't want her to.  Isn't she beautiful though?


  1. Not selfish, but perfectly normal. My Kenny is only 2 years older than Isabelle. It will be all tears again for me this fall when he is officially a freshmen in high school. When he went on a week long tour of Nebraska, you bet I cried. I had found a picture of him sleeping from 2 years ago and teared up again seeing how much he is growing into a young man! (Not to mention it seems like he has grown 2 feet in that 2 years.). I will also tear up this fall over my daughter Jessica, when I drop her off just around the other side of the school for her first day in Jr High (6th grade). So you are definitely not selfish, we just love seeing our children grow, especially with them revealing a way of seeing things with their tender innocence.

    It is so great to see your daughter growing! She is absolutely gorgeous!

    HoneyLynn (Brown) Schweers

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn! Watching my daughter grow and mature and develop an attitude (that I could do without) has been a journey! It's just that I'm just now starting to see that this journey will forever evolve and has no end in sight... which is kind of comforting but so damn terrifying at the same time! Anyway, thank you for reading! I hope you are doing well since your surgery! Take care!