Saturday, October 17, 2015

6 years and Counting!

'Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day' and an anniversary in the same week, makes for an emotional week!  

But now it's over, and now I can relax....with wine....and my heating blanket.....and my husband.

A close friend of mine was part of the planning committee for this year's Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in honor of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day, and I was the guest speaker.  Can you believe that?!  ME!

My speech was just.... my story..... I was there to tell my story about my experience with stillbirth and multiple miscarriages, nothin' special.  It was emotional, and while I was in a nervous haze up at that podium, I think I had everyone in tears.
I know I "talk" about my losses right here on my blog, but I don't talk about my son out loud very often; putting the day he was born into words was.... hard.  But I did it!  I got through my speech!!  And was even given a 'certificate of appreciation' from the Commander and Command Sgt. Major of LRMC, just for sharing my story!  Cool huh?!

The ceremony was incredibly poignant, and all credit goes to my good friend and everyone who planned it!  Our babies were honored in such a special way!  
How was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day for you?  Gentle?  I sure hope so.  I was sending virtual hugs to all the loss-mama's out there.... I hope you could feel them!

Eric took Friday off of work so that we could spend a long weekend together.  We didn't have major plans for our 6th anniversary.  With Christmas markets opening next month, and a big trip planned for December, we have been holding off on traveling... and it's made me grumpy!  We've got plans for the New Year but I hate to admit that most of our traveling will start to wind down as we are now about a year out from heading back stateside (big time sad face).  So instead, we went out for lunch at a Korean restaurant yesterday and spent the afternoon alone together, which was nice, and then exchanged gifts- I got a tripod {**squeal**} and Eric got a french press- nothing too exciting.  And today (our actual anniversary) we headed over to the largest castle ruins in Germany, just 30 minutes from our house!

Looks like Journey is being walked by an invisible person, but it's just Daddy- I cropped him out- if Daddy had let go of Journey's leash he would have ran straight for me at full speed and plowed me over for the group of tourists not far behind us.  Lovey little shit.

I wanted to scout out these castle ruins because two of my closest friends have asked me to take family pictures for their Christmas card this year and this is where they'd like them taken.  I had never been here before, but it's just perfect!
We only went for a very little bit, Isabelle had a school thing all afternoon that we had to hurry back to, and I only took one lens with me, so there wasn't a lot of time to get a feel for the place, or ideas on how to pose a family; I'll likely make my way back over there sometime in the next few weeks to get more comfortable.

Another family has asked me to take pictures for them too!  But I'm eyeing other places around Kaiserslautern to give them their "autumn" theme.  It shouldn't be too hard, Germany is absolutely breathtaking this time of year!  

So it's lookin' like I've got a lot to keep me busy these next few weeks, and hopefully a lot to blog about too!

My 9 years with Eric, and our 6 years of marriage, has been the absolute best, most passionate, most fun, amazing time of my entire life.... I can't imagine life without him, and I thank God every day for writing me this love story.  Happy Anniversary to us!

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