Saturday, November 7, 2015

39th Transportation Battalion Stilwell Ball 2015

Sometimes it's nice to get all gussied up and feel fancy for a night!  

And when the annual 39th Transportation Battalion Ball is a less than 5 minute walk from your front door, you get to feel fancy-free all night long!!  Minus the meltdown I had over fake eyelashes that I ripped off after an hour of painstakingly applying my makeup which then made that entire hour frustratingly pointless.  I may, or may not, have thrown my makeup across the bathroom at one point.

Buuuuut anyway.

The best part of my dress, besides it being cheap, was that I didn't have to worry about anything falling out.... if you know what I mean.  And the best part about getting older is that I no longer give a damn about sucking in my gut!  So I could just breathe and drink wine without a care in the world!
There were a little more than 300 people at the Ball, including British soldiers, and being able to breathe in a dress all meant that having a blast was inevitable!  But to top it all off there was even a wedding proposal!

I didn't take my big camera to the Ball because taking nice pictures was the last thing on my mind.  Instead, I took my little point-and-shoot for selfie's allllllll night!

Schnell, Rojek, and Stone- former 66 TC LT's! 

I really love how they fill the wine glasses here!

My husband does not know how to focus a camera.  It's really annoying.

She said yes!  I don't know this couple, but I wish them the happiest of lives together!  Congratulations!

By the end of the night makeup started to not look so pretty, wine was overtaking blood supply, and feet were starting to hurt... all signs of a fun night!  Until next year, 39th BN!

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