Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Lens!

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a professional photographer or trying to be.  But, I do like to take pictures.  Actually, I really enjoy taking snap shots of our vacations, my dog, my husband, and my daughter.  But I am not a professional photographer.  Taking snap shots of my own life is as far as I will ever go with picture-taking.

A few years ago Eric got me a nice camera {not a professional camera} after months of discussion.  He knows how much I like to take pictures and we both wanted a camera that would take quality photo's.  I've used it so much that we have never regretted that purchase! 

Today, I got a new camera lens and I am SO excited about it!

This lens is part of Sony's professional line!  It is a Sony alpha g-series 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 telephoto lens.  I'm not really sure what all of that means....  But, I've done a lot of research and this is the lens that I need most for traveling Europe.

It's HUGE!  And heavy!  But I am so in love with it!

We will likely need to get a new camera body a few years down the road since mine is already discontinued.  But the guy I talked to at the camera store said that even slightly older lenses will fit updated bodies when we decide to get a new one.  I'll admit that I can be a sucker, I'm too trusting for my own good, and should never go shopping alone (reason #509731 for why I miss my husband), but he literally promised me and seemed like a nice guy, and the store I got it from is a reputable camera store in my area.  SOLD!

There is a lot to learn about this lens!  I've taken a few pictures and everything is really washed out.  See....

Carley is actually sitting on an off-white blanket on the ledge of our stairs, Brew is posing so handsome outside in our backyard, but both pictures are extremely bright and you can't see depth.
I think this might be because of something called "white balance,"  but I have no idea.  So I'm going to spend my entire weekend doing nothing but taking pictures and trying to figure out my new lens!  I think it might take me more than one weekend though....


  1. You need to level out your light meter on manual. a quick google search may be the trick to teaching you how

  2. ^ you have to make sure your meter is in the middle. Try adjusting aperture or shutter speed

  3. It's your IOS you need to turn your IOS to 400 or 600 take a picture to see. If your inside use 3200 or 6400. The lens you got is a pretty neat one. I love mine when you want to zoom in far. Also shoot in manual. YouTube stuff. Check out my photography age if you want. Any other questions just ask.

  4. It looks to me like your ISO (ISO controls how sensitive your camera is to light) is too high. If you Don't know how to shoot in manual I would make sure that all your settings are on auto.