Saturday, October 13, 2012

Favorite Kind of Day....

Yesterday we spent most of the morning on Offutt Air Force Base getting things updated with the Army.  And I am learning that nothing goes fast when waiting in line on base!  Eric spent 16 years enlisted in the Nebraska National Guard (4 years active duty), after getting his master's degree last winter he was commissioned as an officer in the Army.  So, he is transitioning from enlisted to officer and from Guard to full Army.  He is a recruiter for Creighton University's ROTC program until January when he leaves for BOLC in Virginia and then we're off to Germany next summer.  There's a lot we need to update in the system and it's taking awhile.  Sigh...

Friday night we drank wine...too much wine, and today we did absolutely nothing!  Eric and I stayed in our PJ's and I didn't put any make-up on.  We had no where to go and no where to be.  These are my favorite kinds of days.

Isabelle played at the park all. day.  We watched a Band of Brothers marathon and Eric made chicken noodle soup from scratch.  His soup is my favorite, It's my comfort food.  We laid on the couch together and it was blissful!  I blogged, Eric cooked, Isabelle played.  

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