Monday, October 8, 2012

Research & a Garage Sale

Eric's military orders are taking us to GERMANY next summer!  We have lots to do before we leave and even though Isabelle and I won't be there for about 10 months, I'm feeling that these 10 months will go very fast!

Through our research and conversations with other families that have been stationed in Germany, we are learning that housing is based off of family size, not rank.  Since Eric and I only have 1 child, it is likely that we will live in a 2 bedroom apartment, or we will live "on the economy" which is off-base military housing in a German village, and I'm not sure what that will be like yet.  Also, from what we've been told, is that military housing is in "German style," and all I can really tell about "German style" is hardwood floors, all tiled bathrooms, their electrical outlets are 220 voltage, and rooms are smaller than what we are used to in America.  If "German style" means smaller room sizes then we have a problem.  My small family has wwaayyyy too much stuff and we need to do something about it! This could only mean... garage sale...

But here's the thing....
I am a perfectionist, but I'm not good at organizing.  Clutter will drive me insane! So if I don't have a place for something, I literally can not handle having it in the house.  And I mean I literally can not handle it!  I have no problems throwing things away or donating things to Goodwill; I keep very few things.  If: 1.) We haven't used it in more than a year, 2.) haven't seen it in more than a year, 3.) have forgotten that we even had it, or 4.) If it is going to take too much energy for me/Eric to clean it &/or fix it, it goes to Goodwill.  No looking back and no regrets. So would we really have enough stuff for an actual garage sale?

Since Eric will be leaving for Ft. Lee, Virginia at the beginning of January and will be gone for 4 months, we decided that now is the time to condense the amount of stuff we have accumulated during our 6 years together.  We can't ignore it anymore, Europe is calling our names and we want to hit the road and not have anything hold us back!  We started by going through each room and made a list of things we'd be willing to get rid of. Three full notebook pages later, we figured we could have a pretty good sale! Who knew??

So Friday we set everything up and sat in the cold all. day. long.  I was miserable :o(

(Motorcycles were not included in the sale)

These pictures were taken after we had already sold a black chair & ottoman, pictures, movies, and a few shirts so it might not look like much here, but trust me, we had A LOT of stuff! 
It ended up being a successful weekend.  We got rid of most everything, donated the rest to Goodwill, my in-laws came to help and it's always nice visiting with them, aaaannnnd we made a little money!  

Eric and I have a lot of work to do before our big move.  I have a lot of research to do.  And we have a lot to learn.   We know that most things we won't understand until we get there, but I'm trying to prepare as best I can.  And now, I can cross garage sale off our list! 

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