Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 My youngest sister, Chelsea, tweeted my blog (with my permission) and I have had over 10,000 views!  10,000!!  I never dreamed that I would reach that many people!  Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day was gentle on us and we were blown away by all of the support! WOW! Thank you ALL for the support! 

I will hurt every day for my babies, but please don't mistake my speaking out about pregnancy loss awareness as a way to gain sympathy.  During my darkest and most painful moments after my loss I felt completely alone.  And feeling completely alone during those moments stunts your healing.  I hope that to anyone reading this that has suffered in any way similar to what I have, will know that they are not alone!  I am here!  And I will listen!  And you will heal!

Here are resources that I have regularly turned to for support, education, &/or comfort:




If you're local: http://www.tcfomaha.org/

{But there is a plethora of resources available!  These are just a few of the organizations that I check with on a regular basis.}

Side note: My blog was recently started so that friends & family could follow mine, Eric, and Isabelle's travels with the Army and every day life.  Since we have orders for Germany I'm hoping that I'll have lots of neat experiences to share!  But, I'm a pretty boring gal!  So I can't promise exciting things very often.  :o)

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  1. Enjoy germany. It is absolutely beautiful. For our deployment I was in a tiny town called baumholder. I also live in ider-oberstein. My favorite town was trier! Go there of you can. There's a church there built in the 1600's that is breathtaking even if you're not religious. Just the architecture and history will get ya! Eat a lot! Just beware that they don't have no smoking laws in their restaurants. I remember being sick in an ice cream shop from all the smoke....in an ice cream shop!!!!!