Sunday, September 22, 2013

Not Much Going On....

Sorry folks, I haven't had a whole lot to blog about lately.  Not that you've been anxiously waiting for my blog post or anything, I just feel like I need to explain.

I started working only 3 weeks after we landed here, but I've recently started full-time again.  Working full-time means I've been busy, when I'm busy all I want is to be lazy, and being lazy means no blogging.    

I am working on redecorating my living room, though!  We've been cleaning and organizing the last few weekends, and I'm impatiently waiting for my custom throw pillows, custom picture frames, and a metal print from our April family photo shoot that I ordered to arrive.  But who wants to read about an unfinished living room?  
I'm dealing with a nasty reaction to my wedding ring on my ring finger.  Being a Dental Hygienist, anything wrong with your fingers/hands can be a career-ender and is a cause for concern.  I've seen my doctor twice in one week and then cried like a baby to a German jeweler who is located near the dental office I work at.  My doctor put me on a steroid to heal my poor finger, and the jeweler promises that I will be able to wear my wedding ring again.  But, who wants to read about a nasty, blistering, reaction on a Dental Hygienists' ring finger?
We've also been having issues with our landlord and a hot water heater with a mind of its own the last few weeks..... we don't really get what's going on so I'm not going to blog about it.  But who wants to read about a dumb landlord anyway?

But the outlook for blog posts looks promising!  Eric's family is visiting in a few weeks and we've both taken the week off from work when they are here, so I'll have things to blog about then.  Also, pregnancy and infant loss awareness month is coming up and I might have a few things to say about that.  October will also be mine & Eric's 4th wedding anniversary!  I've planned a weekend in the Black Forest for it, so that should give me something to tell y'all about.  

Things around here are becoming more familiar and I have started to get braver about going into German stores or German companies all by myself!  Eric and I are meeting friends and having a blast exploring.  Little by little, we are feeling like Germany is home.  I just haven't had any blog-worthy stuff happening- I haven't even picked up my camera since the wine fest!  

But I did snap this sneak peak of our living room with my phone for ya!

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