Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anniversary in the Black Forest!

Eric and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on October 17th.  I say it every year, but I can't help it.... we got married on the most perfect date.... October 17th.... don't you think so too?

We decided to take a trip to the Black Forest so that we could get our anniversary gift to each other, a cuckoo clock!  And there is no better place to get a 100% genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock than the Black Forest! 

I'm sure y'all don't care but we picked out the cutest clock!  

The hearts are for our anniversary........ 

The doggie is for our "son" Brew (we miss him like crazy).... 

The beer chuggers and white front were Eric's request (and made for the most perfect clock!) 

Once we giddily had our cuckoo clock safely in our hotel room, we hiked the trails to Germany's largest waterfall.  

Isabelle was running all over the place so I asked her to stop and take a picture of me and Eric....

...She gave us the thumbs up that she took the picture so we told her to come back down to where we were standing.  This is what I found when I uploaded all of my pictures onto the computer tonight....

Little stinker....  Anyway.... the scenery was gorgeous!  And the waterfall was huge!  It's tough to get the gorgeousness in my pictures though....

After hiking for most of the day we shopped a little more for some Christmas gifts and then went to the open air museum, lastly we had a quiet, candle lit dinner before limping our way back to the hotel (the hike had caught up to us me.  My butt and hamstrings hurt {pouty-face}).

Eric's dream house.

Married life just keeps getting better and better with this man of mine!  We had a great anniversary and looking forward to lots more!


  1. Yay! Happy anniversary to you! What a beautiful anniversary present and great memories to go with it!