Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

My camera broke a couple of weeks ago and last week I had to send it off to get fixed.  I am giving y'all a super duper pouty face right now because I am so sad about it!  I'm glad it's getting fixed, but I am anxious to get it back and to have it not be broken anymore.  
I honestly have no idea how it happened!  I have my suspicions that Journey jumped on my camera bag when it was sitting on our recliner, he looked mighty guilty when I asked him if he jumped on the recliner, but he kept giving Carley (Isabelle's cat) this sideways glance and then she glared right back at him, almost like they had this secret between them... it was weird I can't too be sure.

Thankfully it is just the outer screen that is cracked, everything else seemed to be working fine.  I'm really glad it's with the professionals right now who can make it better, but I'm ready to have it back, and a minute away from me is just too much.  Until it gets back to me all better I am having to use my old camera, which is giant downgrade, but, it's better than nothing.

What a crappy time of year for my camera to break! 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!  It's been tough on my heart to spend a holiday away from my husband, but I'm mindful of my complaining because I know it's even harder on Eric having to be away from his home and his family.  We have gotten to Facetime almost every day since he's been gone which has made things a little easier because we can vent to each other about all of the little things that we would normally be venting about if he was here- you know, like my PMS symptoms, the lady that kept getting in my way at the store that one day, how Journey kind of made this snarf noise and I thought he needed to go to the hospital for a second, how Isabelle had Ortho and they moved her tooth just a teeny bit to the right and now her Orthodontist needs to move it back...those kinds of things.  Because of his work schedule he can only Facetime during the day when Isabelle is already at school- except on turkey day, Isabelle was home when he called!!

.....Aaaand theeeen... she talked his ear off.....

I love listening to them talk.  Well actually, she talks, he listens and laughs and listens.  I love it!  Obviously, it wasn't the same as having him home with us, but I am thankful that we got to talk and that he is safe.  And if he can't be at home with us on Thanksgiving then him being safe is the next best thing!

I hadn't thought too much about what our plans were going to be for Thanksgiving.  I've told y'all before that I am not the greatest cook.  I'm not terrible or anything- I can cook some things, and if I have a recipe it'll turn out fine, but my abilities fit best into the "'s food, it'll work" category.  It helps that my husband has a garbage-gut and will eat pretty much anything, and Isabelle would eat ramen or mashed potatoes every day for the rest of her life if we'd let her, but for my family to stay nourished it's just best to leave the cooking to Eric, which meant that we were on our own for Thanksgiving.  A lifetime ago I had made an entire turkey dinner and I remember it turned out pretty good, but I doubt I could replicate it (you know...beginner's luck and all), and Isabelle and I just don't eat that much (not that you could tell by looking at me), so I really hadn't thought about our plans until my dear friend, Melissa, invited us to her house!  Her cooking is amazing, and easily fits into the "restaurant quality, super woman" category!   
It's tough to cook for Melissa because her cooking is like eating at a fancy restaurant, but Isabelle and I couldn't go to Thanksgiving dinner empty handed, and for all that Melissa has done for us while Eric has been gone a bottle of wine just didn't seem like enough, so I decided to make a broccoli-cheese-rice dish to take to dinner....and of course something had to go wrong....

I spilled a good majority of the rice all over my stove and floor.  Gahhh!!  

It could have been worse, I guess, and the rice still turned out pretty good!  Even Isabelle liked it!  ....It could have been that she was starving and ready for mashed potatoes by this point, but whatever, she said she liked it and I will take that as a win!
Thanksgiving dinner was incredible, but I knew it would be with Melissa as the cook, and company was incredible too.  I felt spoiled because Isabelle and I got to walk in, eat, drink wine (just me, not Isabelle), then go home without having to worry about washing anything.  It didn't feel right to be so spoiled, but Melissa insisted that I not touch anything!  Melissa is one of those people that you feel blessed to have in your life, she's someone everyone needs in their life, but she's impossible to thank because anything I could do for her or give her she can do a million times better!  So I hope she knows how super thankful Isabelle and I are to have her in our life, and how thankful we are to have gotten to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family!  {Melissa, seriously, you are the BEST!  And I feel blessed to have you has a life long friend!  Thank you for a great Thanksgiving!}

The morning after Thanksgiving, with super full belly's still, Isabelle and I woke up early to go wrap gifts at the BX for a fundraiser for another unit in the same battalion as Eric's unit (still with me?).  I don't do Black Friday, I think it's..... stupid.  Yeah, there's no other nice way to stay how I feel about Black Friday.  It's stupid.  And here in Germany, on an American Air Force Base, Black Friday was just as insanely crazy as anywhere in the States.... and still very stupid.  But Isabelle and I were happy to wrap gifts for a donation, even if it was on Black Friday.  
We spent a few hours wrapping gifts, then managed to dodge the ridiculous crowd for a very few Christmas gifts that I'm not even sure we needed, and then spent the rest of the day at home relaxing in our PJ's putting up Christmas decorations with wine (for me, not Isabelle).

Since all of our Christmas decorations got sent to storage in the States, rather than here to Germany, my house isn't nearly as adorable as it would be otherwise!  Last year one of my co-workers generously donated her Christmas tree to us for the holiday, but this year we had to figure something out on our own.... and it's not Christmas without a tree!  So Isabelle and I decided to get our very first real tree- a baby tree!

   Our baby tree is a little lopsided, it's not the wine, it's not my picture taking, it really is lopsided- but we figured that that baby tree was meant for our little family because we're all a little lopsided!  It is just perfect!

For the rest of my weekend I am holing up in my house tackling the very last test I have to take for my doula training (but I'll still have a community project and two book reports to do before I'll be completely done), I have a bottle of wine to help me along, I have no plans of putting on any makeup, and Isabelle has an allowance to earn so Journey will get his daily walk!

I could get all mushy right now telling y'all how much we have to be thankful for, but I'll spare you because I know I've elicited my fair share of eye-rolls this year.  But honestly, I am a happy and lucky lady!  And I'm thankful to all of you who read my blog and allow me into your lives for just a bit with my stories!  It really means the world to me that you stop by, let me ramble, and come back for more no matter how bratty/mushy/contemplative/silly/honest/painfully open I might be for that day.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

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