Monday, August 29, 2016

First First Day of 8th Grade!

Today was Isabelle's first first day of 8th grade!  

We have known the entire time we've lived in Germany that our next duty station would be in Virginia, where Eric will attend the 'Captains Career Course' for 6 months, but we didn't know exactly when that would be.  All we knew was that it would be at some point when Isabelle was in 8th grade, but beyond that, we had to wait for certain pieces of the puzzle to fall into place before we could make any guesses.  As each piece fell we realized that there was a strong possibility that Isabelle would be attending 3 different schools in her 8th grade year (starting in Germany, Virginia for part of the year, and then ending the school year where ever the Army sends us next).  But then more pieces fell into place, and we were able to coordinate it a little so that she will only have to attend 2 different schools in her 8th grade year.  

But when you are 13, two different schools in the same year and having to move in the middle of the school year, makes even the breeziest of kiddo's.... a little heart sick.

Isabelle is excited for Virginia, and very ready to go back to America!  Since most of her very best friends moved away last summer, she has been ready to go for a while now, but, the thought of having to make all new friends in a brand new school is nerve wracking and doesn't make her less sad at the thought of leaving her life here.  And I don't blame her for one. single. second.

So today was her first first day of school, and in a few short months she'll have a second first day of school!  But knowing Isabelle, she will breeze through her second first day just like she did today, and just like she does every thing else.  Eric and I have no doubt about it.

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  1. she had such curves even in 8th grade. i hope someone was able to taste every inch of her when she was that age