Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hatch Chile Festival 2017

I anticipated that life would get busy after Isabelle started high school, but I had no idea that it would mean practically living in my car until she graduates (or gets her drivers license, but at this point, nobody has time to teach her how to drive so there's a fat chance of her getting her license any time soon), and that I would almost never get to see my husband or sit down long enough to blog.

Not that I have anything to blog about because I practically live in my car now, and because the one place we did manage to get out and go see was a total bust.  But still, it would be nice to see my husband every now and then.

My little family lives outside of the school district that Isabelle now attends high school, which means that she isn't able to ride the bus and I have to drive her to and from school every day.  Her school isn't all that far from our house, but because of traffic it's a good 60 minute round trip twice every day.
Besides driving her to and from school, Isabelle is required to volunteer a certain number of hours in order to graduate, and because of the age limits at the organization that Isabelle has chosen to volunteer, a parent has to be present at all times until she is 16 years old.  So that means, me and Eric are volunteering too.
And, Isabelle is involved in theater club.  So in between her school day and volunteering on the weekends, her left over minutes will revolve around auditions, practice, set-up, opening nights, etc..., which means that my left over minutes do too.   

So it was a good thing that before life got so busy, Eric and I took some time alone together to go to Hatch, NM to the Chile Festival!

We had no idea what a Chile Festival was, so I don't know what we were expecting, and I can't be all that sure that we gave this particular festival a fair shake, but for us, it was a total bust and we ended up leaving soon after we got there to go home and watch a Game of Thrones marathon in our pajamas.

The festival was out at the Hatch airport, but on our way to the airport it looked like the town itself was a neat place to wander around, eat, and shop.  But by the time we made it to the airport (traffic was backed up for miles), and parked our car (parking was so disorganized and frustrating), and then walked around for a bit not seeing anything fun or interesting, a Game of Thrones marathon sounded so much more fun than trying to fight for another parking spot in a little town that was packed full of people.

The festival did have live music and food, and we managed to get a few things that we can give as Christmas gifts, but that was about it.  Other than the amazing smells of all of the roasting green chile, we didn't see a lot that we wanted to stay for.

So we didn't.

I live for Snapchat filters, don't you?

I snagged one of these for my kitchen!  I'm not sure that it's meant to be used as decoration, but I think it's just perfect anyway!

See what I mean.... there just wasn't much there that struck our fancy.  But c'mon, could a Chile Festival ever really compete with a bottle of wine, a Game of Thrones marathon in my pajamas with my husband who I don't get to see all that much anymore?  I didn't think so either.

But please don't mistake my adjusting to this new routine for complaining.  I've only got a very few precious years left with my girl until she goes out into the world on her own, and I am convinced that the years have aligned the way that they have to allow me to spend these last few years walking along side of Isabelle as she makes her way out from under our wings.  So while it's been exhausting lately, I am loving every second I get with my daughter.  All I'm saying is that it'd be nice to see my husband.  But not at a Chile Festival.... because it was kind of dumb.

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