Sunday, December 21, 2014

Frankfurt Christmas Market

I debated on whether I should just combine this blog post with my Christmas post in a few days, but decided that a visit to Frankfurt deserved its very own post.... even if the pictures aren't that great and there were too many people for me to stay sane and breathe the right amount of Oxygen....

Luckily though, Christmas Markets are worth not being able to breathe for!  And I think that our very first official visit to Frankfurt deserves its own blog post anyway!  
We live 40 minutes from Frankfurt and the drive there is super simple with no speed limit almost the entire way.  We've driven to the airport and back a bunch of times, and I drove to Wiesbaden (just outside of Frankfurt) more times than I can count, but we've never actually visited Frankfurt.  I'm sad that it took a Christmas Market to get us to explore Frankfurt but at least we came to our senses!  I heard that there is a Chipotle there- maybe if I had known that sooner.... tummy rumbles, craving started....


Kinderpunsch!  The alkoholfrei version of glühwein.  

Put my focus on the wrong spot. 

We stayed long enough to add three more glühwein cups to my collection, take some pictures, and eat brats, but the crowds were hard to handle and the gloomy weather didn't help our moods for handling the crowds in the first place.  Most Christmas Markets will be closing for the year after today so I'm thankful we managed to visit a few before it was too late.

So just a few days left before Christmas and the anticipation is just killin' Isabelle!  We've got lots of wine, lots of food, and we'll be together for Christmas, and there just isn't much more to ask for than that!  


  1. Just for your information, Chipotle is at the Skyline Plaza (huge shopping mall) in Frankfurt, which is right at the Bookfair Grounds and the Festhalle. :)

    1. YAY!! Thanks! Just a little something to remind me of home :) I can't wait to go!

    2. For me, it is a little reminder of how much I love and miss the USA :)