Tuesday, December 16, 2014

He's Home & Heidleberg


And would you believe that I did not pick up my camera one time all weekend?!  Sorry guys... we spent our weekend wholed up in our house and I just had no desire to take a single picture.  But, Eric is HOME!!!   

We spent the Friday Eric got home camping out in our living room with movies and popcorn, but by Saturday morning Isabelle had had enough family time and felt that a sleepover at her best friends was the only fair way to put her life back into balance.  But she did give Eric a hug and a kiss before leaving for her sleepover so we got the impression that our campout didn't completely throw her preteen universe off-kilter. 

It didn't take Eric and I long to start traveling again.  We went to Kaiserslautern's Christmas Market for a few hours on Saturday where I got my first glühwein (pronounced glue-vine) cup for 2014!  But after we got a glühwein cup we both wanted to go home and just whole back up again- which is what we did.  But by Tuesday we were ready to emerge and headed off to Heidelberg for another Christmas Market (i.e glühwein cup because that's all I care about)!
{Oh!  By the way!  My camera is fixed and better than new!  It now has a "6-layer of protection" screen protector on the brand new screen!}

The glühwein with Amaretto is my favorite!

Milch zahne = milk teeth (a.k.a baby teeth)

There were actually two Christmas Markets in Heidelberg!  One in the old town and one at the castle!  Christmas Markets are magical- if you aren't in the Christmas spirit all you have to do is come to Germany and go to one of their Christmas Markets- they'll do two things to your spirit: 1) get you excited for Christmas! and 2) get you addicted to collecting glühwein cups.  
After doing a little shopping, soaking up as much magic as we could, and drinking glühwein in the old town we went up to the castle....for more glühwein.

Santa bought me super fluffy pink slippers at the weihnachtsmarkt schloss Heidelberg but said I have to put them under the tree and can't wear them until Christmas.... he's no fun!  We drank a little more glühwein....aaaand glühbier, and then Eric and I went to go see the largest wine barrel in the world inside the castle!  We had seen it last year but it's a gigantic wine barrel... who wouldn't want to see that again?!

I'm kissing it because it's a baby wine barrel (compared to the mama-sized wine barrel right next to it) but Eric says this picture looks like I'm trying to suck the wine out of it.... soooo what if I was...?  

 The big daddy wine barrel was inside the next room.... it is the world's largest and holds 58,000 gallons of wine!  58,000 gallons of wine!  **SQUEAL!!**  I. Love. Wine. Period.

"Maybe I can carry it to the train for you?"  Isn't he the best?!!

Eric and I wanted to make it home before Isabelle got home from the Youth Center so we only spent the morning and early afternoon in Heidelberg, but we didn't leave without two glühwein cups and a few Christmas gifts.  We got to spend the day doing what we love... being together and exploring (y'all are allowed to roll your eyes, but hey, it was a long 3 months!).  We are just an incredibly happy, sappy, silly bunch now that he is HOME!!
{And because I'm getting to add to my glühwein collection!  Priorities, folks!  ;) }


  1. You need to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt in Darmstadt (about 60 km north of Heidelberg). It is right in the middle of town. It is beautiful. It is not that big, compared with the one in Frankfurt or Mainz. But it is wonderful. And since a few years, they have very pretty Glühwein cups made out of glass. They would fit perfectly into your collection.

    1. Thanks! We'll definitely add that to our list for next year!

    2. Your welcome :) (I forgot my password for my google account so I had to post as Anonymous ;))